Reading DC Comics

Comic Book Herald has the following guides for reading DC Comics:

 Fast Track Guide To the Modern DCU (2000 to 2011)

This guide will cover the 25 most essential DC Comics stories during the 2000’s (leading up to DC’s New 52)!

DC Characters Reading Orders



Black Canary

Constantine, Hellblazer

Damian Wayne (Robin, Son of Batman)

Darkseid (New Gods, 4th World)

The Flash

Green Arrow

Green Lantern

Harley Quinn

The Joker

Justice League

Nightwing (Richard Grayson, First Robin)

Red Hood

Red Robin (Tim Drake)

Robin (All)

Suicide Squad



Teen Titans

Wonder Woman

the final crisis

DC Comics Event Timeline

Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985)

Legends (1986)

Millenium (1988)

Cosmic Odyssey (1988)

Invasion! (1989)

The Janus Directive (1989) – The issues and reading order this event can be found within the Suicide Squad reading order, as Suicide Squad Vol. 4

Wonder Woman: War of the Gods (1991)

The Death of Superman (1992)

World Without a Superman (1993)

The Return of Superman (1993)

Knightfall (1993)

Zero Hour (1994) – You can find some additional reading for Zero Hour in the Green Lantern reading order.

Underworld Unleashed (1995)

The Final Night (1996)

DC vs. Marvel Comics (1996)

Kingdom Come (1996)

DC One Million (1998)

Day of Judgment (1999)

JLA: Earth 2 (2000)

DC Reading Order (2000 to Infinite Crisis)

The Comic Book Herald guide to getting up to speed with the DC Comics of the 2000s. Check out the full DC reading order! Includes Our Worlds at War (2001), Identity Crisis (2004), Infinite Crisis (2005), and 52 (2006), among major events.

Sinestro Corps War (2007) – Expanded Sinestro Corps War details are included in the Green Lantern reading order.

Final Crisis (2008)

Batman: Battle For the Cowl (2008) – This would be the perfect time to check out Grant Morrison’s run on Batman.

Blackest Night Reading Order (2009)

Brightest Day Reading Order (2010)

Flashpoint (2011)

The New 52 (2011 – 2016)

The New 52 reading order includes every DC Comic that was released from 2011 to mid-year 2016. This also includes all New 52 event reading orders such as Night of the Owls or Forever Evil!

Convergence Reading Order (2015)

A complete, annotated Convergence reading order for new DC comics fans!

DC Rebirth (2016)

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17 Replies to “Reading DC Comics”

  1. Great site you have here,

    Just wondering…Do you have anything in the works of say like top 25 trades from the beginning of DC Comics up until 2000 ?

    because that would be awesome

    1. Glad you like the site. I’ve gotten this question a few times now, I will be adding within the next 2 weeks. Just need to finalize the 23 to 25 range 🙂

  2. Hi just wondering do you have a trade paperback reading order for what happens between flashpoint and convergence which I believe would be the reading order for the new 52 comics into divergence? Thank you!

  3. Zach Black, not sure but i don’t think there is a clear reading order for the new 52 except for the cross-over events. The reading orders regarding the events are the ones you can find online, besides that you can jump just in any book you’d like.

  4. That DC does not have an “unlimited” style service for their back issue catalog is criminally negligent, but thanks for this.

    I will second the motion for a Flash reading order.

  5. Help! There is currently a SDCC sale on DC comics on comixology, but I don’t know where to begin. Do you have any recommendations? I am pretty well verse with Vertigo but not at all with the main DC universe. I hope you see this before the sale is over.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi youve got amazing website here,
    I just wanted your help to tell me how and from where to start reading dc comics? (Dc rebirth or new 52??? Or the real beginning..)
    Ive never read a comic so i wanna start this journey with DC …

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