Doctor Doom Reading Order

All hail Doom!

Doctor Doom is unquestionably my favorite comic book villain of all time. Bring me your Jokers, your Magnetos, your Darkseids, and they all pale in comparison before the might of Doom (even my main man, Thanos can’t hold a candle to him!)

Below you’ll find a complete chronology to Doctor Doom comics from Marvel’s 1960’s origins through 2015’s Secret Wars and beyond.

Get to know why Victor Von Doom is the greatest comic book super-villain ever created, and as always, enjoy the comics!

Doctor Doom Comic Book Reading Order

Doctor Doom Jet Pack
Of course Doom has a jet pack in his intro!

Doctor Doom Origins and Early Days

Fantastic Four Epic Collection: The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine

Collects: Fantastic Four (1961) 1-18

I’d always recommend that any Marvel comics fan simply read the entirity of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four (about 98 issues if memory serves), but since you’re here for the good Doctor, there are plenty of great Doom stories included. Notably, Fantastic Four #5 includes the origin and introduction of Doctor Doom, in an all-time Marvel classic.

Doctor Doom appears as the main villain in:

Fantastic Four #5 to #6

Fantastic Four #10

Fantastic Four #16 to #17

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Great Power

Collects: Amazing Fantasy #15, Amazing Spider-Man #1 to #17, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

Although any Marvel reader worth their salt should absolutely check out the original Amazing Spider-Man comics by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, for the purposes of hailing Doom, you’ll want to focus on Amazing Spider-Man #5.

Fantastic Four Epic Collection: The Master Plan of Doctor Doom

Collects: Fantastic Four Annual #1, Fantastic Four #19 To #29, Fantastic Four Annual #2, Fantastic Four #30 to #32

The 1964 Fantastic Four Annual #2 is particularly notable for expanding the origin of Doctor Doom to what we know and love today.

The Doom centric issues are:

Fantastic Four #23

Fantastic Four Annual #2

The Villainy of Doctor Doom

Collects: Fantastic Four #39 To #40, #84 To #87, #239 To #240

As you’d expect, only Fantastic Four #39 to #40 should be read at this point chronologically, before viewing the essential Doom story in Fantastic Four #57 to #60 below.

Fantastic Four #39 to #40 include the classic “And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them,” as Daredevil helps the FF reclaim the Baxter Building from Doctor Doom.

Avengers Epic Collection: Once an Avenger

Collects: Avengers #21 to #40

Avengers #25 is a story titled “Enter… Doctor Doom,” and if memory serves, is the first time the Avengers battle Victor Von Doom!

Essential Fantastic Four, Vol. 3

Collects:  Fantastic Four (1961) 41-63; Annual 3-4

Fantastic Four #57 to #60 are the absolute must-reads here, as Doctor Doom tricks Silver Surfer into stealing his power cosmic.

Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor – Volume 9

Collects: Thor #182 to #183

Dr. Donald Blake sneaks into Latveria to let Doom face the wrath of Thor!

Marvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk – Volume 7

Collects: Incredible Hulk #143 To #144

Hulk and Doom, together at last!

Luke Cage: Hero For Hire, Vol. 1

Collects: Luke Cage #8 to #9

Hero for Hire #8 is a classic, and fan favorite story in which Luke Cage travels to Latveria to force Doctor Doom to pay him the $200 he’s owed.

Doom Astonishing Tales

Doctor Doom in the 1970’s, Doom’s First Solo Series

Essential Fantastic Four, Vol. 7

Collects: Fantastic Four #138 to #159

Fantastic Four #142 to #144 features a classic super villain trap from Doctor Doom, by the creative roster of Gerry Conway and Rich Buckler.

Then, in Fantastic Four #156 to #157, Doom again manipulates the Silver Surfer into aiding his master scheme.

Super-Villains Unite: The Complete Super-Villain Team-Up

Collects: Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-up 1-2; Super-Villain Team-Up 1-14, 16-17; Avengers 154-156; Champions 16

The strangely underrated and overlooked Doctor Doom team-up series that ran through the 1970’s (typically alongside Namor, the Sub-Mariner). Note that this complete collection of Super-Villain team-up overlaps with the core issues of the Avengers “Private War of Doctor Doom” story below.

Avengers: The Private War of Dr. Doom

Collects: Avengers #150 To #156, Avengers Annual #6, Super-Villain Team Up #9

During the 1970’s Steve Englehart run on Avengers.

Fantastic Four: The Overthrow of Doom

Collects: Fantastic Four #192 To #200

You’ve never seen Doctor Doom rock an organ so hard, or so magnificently.

Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom: Doomquest

Collects:  Iron Man #149-150 And #249-250

The Iron Man and Doctor Doom Camelot trilogy!

Iron Man: Legacy of Doom

Collects: Iron Man: Legacy Of Doom #1 To #4

Doctor doom never settles for second
Ethos of DOOM

Doctor Doom Comics & Graphic Novels in the 1980’s

Essential X-Men, Vol. 3

Collects: Uncanny X-Men #145-161, X-Men Annual #5-6 And Avengers Annual #10

Uncanny X-Men #145 to #147 includes a story by Chris Claremont where the teak takes on Doctor Doom, who takes a particular… interest… in Storm!

Fantastic Four Visionaries – John Byrne, Vol. 1

Collects: Fantastic Four #232-240

The John Byrne run on Fantastic Four is worth reading as a whole for all sorts of reasons. The Doctor Doom story titled “Terror in a Tiny Town” is reason enough.

Fantastic Four Visionaries – John Byrne, Vol. 2

Collects: Fantastic Four #241 To #250

The Fantastic Four have to help Doctor Doom regain control of Latveria in Fantastic Four #246 to #247.

Issue #246 is titled “Too Many Dooms,” which seems like an absolute impossibility if you ask me.

Fantastic Four Visionaries – John Byrne, Vol. 4

Collects: Fantastic Four #258 To #267

Fantastic Four #258 details a single day from the point of view of Doctor Doom.

Secret Wars

Collects: Secret Wars #1 To #12

For a good long time this was my favorite Doctor Doom story ever told. Marvel’s 1985 mega event doesn’t dissapoint for Doom.

Fantastic Four Visionaries – John Byrne, Vol. 6

Collects: Fantastic Four #276 to #284, Secret Wars II #2

Fantastic Four #278, aka “True Lies,” explains what Doctor Doom has been up to since the events of Secret Wars, with some serious comic book science!

Fantastic Four Visionaries – John Byrne, Vol. 8

Collects: Fantastic Four #287 to #295

I would quite strongly advise that you don’t try to read all of Secret Wars II as part of the Doctor Doom reading order. In my book, it’s just not worth it.

That said, Fantastic Four #287 to #288 (more so #288) take place during Secret Wars II, and are good Doctor Doom reading.

If you want the full context of Secret Wars II, you can always check out Comic Book Herald’s complete Secret Wars reading order.

Marvel Graphic Novel #27 Emperor Doom Starring the Mighty Avengers

Collects: Original Graphic Novel #27

Doom wins.

X-Men vs. Fantastic Four

Collects: Fantastic Four Vs. The X-Men #1-4, And Fantastic Four #28

The X-Men place the disintegrating life of Kitty Pryde in the hands of Doctor Doom. This series actually had major ramifications for the Claremont X-Men in the coming years.

Fantastic Four: Secret Wars III

Collects: Fantastic Four #318 to #319

Underrated and perpetually overlooked FF story in which the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom wrap up the Beyonder / Secret Wars saga!

Incredible Hulk Visionaries – Peter David, Vol. 3

Collects: Incredible Hulk #349, Fantastic Four #20, Incredible Hulk #350, Hulk #351 to #354; Web Of Spider-Man #44

Doom manipulates the Hulk and Thing into a brouhaha for the ages.

Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph & Torment

Collects: Doctor Strange And Doctor Doom: Triumph And Torment, Plus Doctor Strange (1974) #57 And Material From Astonishing Tales (1970) #8 And Marvel Fanfare (1982) #16 & #43

Roger Stern and Mike Mignola team-up for one of Marvel’s best original graphic novels, not to mention one of the best Doctor Strange AND Doctor Doom stories ever told.

Acts of Vengeance Crossovers

Collects: The Punisher #28 to #29

As part of the Acts of Vengeance crossover event, Marvel heroes face off against villains they don’t typically see. In the case of the Punisher that means… Doctor Doom!

You can see my Marvel Unlimited guide to Acts of Vengeance here.


Squirrel Girl Origin

Doctor Doom Comics in the 1990’s

Fantastic Four Visionaries – Walter Simonson, Vol. 3

Collects: Fantastic Four #347-350, #352-354

In my book, the greatest Doctor Doom vs. Reed Richards fight in all of Marvel Comics. By the fantastic Walt Simonson.

Avengers #332 to #333

Collects: Doctor Doom Crashes An Avengers Party. By Larry Hama And Paul Ryan (No, Not That Paul Ryan).

Infinity Gauntlet

Collects: Infinity Gauntlet #1 To #6

Unquestionably, Infinity Gauntlet is a Thanos story through and through. As with any story involving a Marvel artifact of ultimate power, Doom makes a play, though mostly reading Infinity Gauntlet sets you up for a more Doom-centric follow-up event.

Particular note should be placed on the tie-in issue Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #34, as Strange and company take on dark shades of Doctor Doom.

Spider-Man Vs. Doctor Doom

Collects: Amazing Spider-Man #349 To #350

Infinity War

Collects: Infinity War #1 To #6

Doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror team-up to make a grab for ultimate power!

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl & the Great Lakes Avengers

Collects: Marvel Super-Heroes #8

In Squirrel Girl’s first appearance, she takes down Doctor Doom with a horde of squirrels. Doom would very much like to forget this little comic ever happened.

Fantastic Four Epic Collection: Strange Days

Collects: Fantastic Four #403 to #416, Fantastic Four: The Legend one-shot, Onslaught – Marvel Universe

Fantastic Four issues #406 to #409 place a clearer emphasis on Doctor Doom prior to the Marvel Universe reset of the Onslaught saga.

Doom 2099: The Complete Collection by Warren Ellis

Collects: Doom 2099 24-39, 2099: The World Of Doom

Almost certainly the comic that gets by purely on my love of Doom’s costume.

Doom by Chuck Dixon

Collects: Doom #1 To #3

Following the conclusion of the Onslaught: Epic, Doom finds himself in an alternate reality, which he naturally conqueres. This miniseries details his escape back to Earth.

Books of Doom

Doctor Doom Enters the 2000’s

Fantastic Four / Inhumans

Collects: Fantastic Four #51 to #54

Fantastic Four Vol. 2: Unthinkable

Collects: Fantastic Four #67 To #70, Fantastic Four #500

The Waid and Wieringo run on Fantastic Four proves it’s one for the ages early on with this Doctor Doom story.

Fantastic Four: Books of Doom

Collects: Books Of Doom #1 To #6

Ed Brubaker and Pablo Raimondi details Doctor Doom’s telling of his origins.

Road to Civil War

Collects: Fantastic Four #536 To #537

In addition to certain issues building towards Marvel’s mega Civil War event, the Fantastic Four tie-ins detail the return of Doctor Doom.

To see how this fits in with the rest of the event, I recommend Comic Book Herald’s complete Civil War reading order.

Mighty Avengers Vol. 2: Venom Bomb

Collects: Mighty Avengers #7 To #11

Doctor Doom has (seemingly) bombed New York with a Venom bomb.

Fantastic Four: The Masters of Doom

Collects: Fantastic Four #562-569

The Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch run on Fantastic Four delivers the teacher of Doom.

Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil

Collects: Dr. Doom & The Masters Of Evil #1-4

Shockingly fun series from Paul Tobin and Patrick Shcerberger.

Thor, Vol. 3

Collects: Thor #601 To #603, Thor: Defining Moments Special #1

Loki convinces Blader the Brave to move Asgard to Latveria. Surely nothing untoward will take place in the sovereign nation of Doctor Doom.

Thor by Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection

Collects: Thor (1966) #604-614, Siege: Loki And New Mutants (2009) #11.

Includes the “Latverian Prometheus” story arc, as Doctor Doom continues his grasp for Asgardian power.

Dark Reign: The Cabal

Collects: Dark Reign: The Cabal #1

Doctor Doom takes a set at the table of Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign.

Dark Avengers Vol. 1: Assemble

Collects: Dark Avengers #1 To #6

Doctor Doom vs. Morgana Le Fay, and Doom makes use of his new alliance with the Dark Avengers.

Black Panther: Power 

Collects: Black Panther #7 To #12

Issues of Black Panther #10 to #12 are Doomwar preludes.


Collects: Doomwar #1 To #6

Essentially a war between Latveria and Wakanda, as Doctor Doom makes a move on the vibranium controlled by the Black Panther.

Incredible Hulks: Fall of the Hulks

Collects: Fall Of The Hulks: Alpha #1, Incredible Hulks #601 To #608, Dark Reign: The List – Hulk, Fall Of The Hulks: Red Hulk #1 To #4, Modok: Reign Delay, And Fall Of The Hulks: Modok

Fall of the Hulks explains Doctor Doom’s connection to the villainous Intelligencia as well as how he reaches the state we find him in Hickman’s FF.

You can see the reading order for the full event in Comic Book Herald’s complete Fall of the Hulks and World War Hulks reading order.

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Volume 1

Collects: Dark Reign: The Cabal one-shot, Dark Reign : Fantastic Four #1 to #5, Fantastic Four #570 to #588, FF #1 to #5

While Victor isn’t in every single issue of Hickman’s late 2000’s run on Fantastic Four, I highly recommend you read the full run for two reasons: 1) The Doom appearances will make more sense if you read it all, as every issue is interconnected and building to a greater whole and 2) It’s flipping fantastic.

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus Volume 2

Collects:  FF #6 to #11, Fantastic Four #600, FF #12, Fantastic Four #601, FF #13, Fantastic Four #602, FF #14, Fantastic Four #603 to #604, FF #15 to 23, Fantastic Four #605 to #611

All hope lies in Doom!

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade

Collects: Avengers: The Children’s Crusade 1-9, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade – Young Avengers 1

Doctor Doom asserts his place in the events of the Marvel Universe, and the lives of Scarlet Witch and the Young Avengers.

Winter Soldier by Ed Brubaker: The Complete Collection

Collects: Fear Itself 7.1: Captain America, Winter Soldier 1-14

The first arc of Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice’s first Winter Soldier series is one of the more unlikely and enjoyable Doctor Doom stories in recent memory.

Of Course He Only Mentions Reed Richards

Marvel NOW! Doctor Doom Comics Through 2015 Secret Wars

FF – Volume 2: Family Freakout

Collects: Ff #9 To #16

If Victor Von Doom fans want to skip over this collection and pretend it never happened, I won’t say a peep.

Avengers: Time Runs Out

Collects: Avengers 35-44, New Avengers 24-33

I would highly recommend the entirity of Jonathan Hickman’s run on Avengers and New Avengers, but Time Runs Out is where Doom’s machinations escalate and he works his way towards control of 2015’s Secret Wars.

You can find the full Hickman Avengers run and build to Secret Wars in Comic Book Herald’s complete Secret Wars reading order.

Secret Wars 

Collects: Free Comic Book Day 2015 Secret Wars #0, Secret Wars 1-9

All Hail Doom.

Infamous Iron Man

Doctor Doom After Secret Wars, In All-New All-Different Marvel!

Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1: Reboot

Collects: Invincible Iron Man 1-5

The post Secret Wars Victor Von Doom appears in the pages of Invincible Iron Man, and experiences significant ch-ch-changes.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 3: Squirrel, You Really Got Me Now

Collects: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 1-6

Squirrel Girl travels through time and fights Doctor Doom (again) in the 1960s.

Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2: The War Machines

Collects: Invincible Iron Man 6-11

Invincible Iron Man Vol. 3: Civil War II

Collects: Invincible Iron Man 12-14

For the full context around Marvel’s Civil War II event, there’s the Comic Book Herald complete Civil War II reading order.

Infamous Iron Man Vol. 1

Collects: Infamous Iron Man 1-6

In one of the more unexpected turns in Marvel history, Victor Von Doom assumes the mantle of Iron Man.

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