Thor Reading Order

Modern Thor reading order! Loki! Angela! Kid Loki! Lady Sif! The Warriors Three (sometimes four)! And oh yeah… The Mighty Thor!

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the God of Thunder, you won’t find a better guide to Asgard. So be it!

Thor words with thee Ultron
The coolest

I) Classic Thor – Essential Thor Stories From the Past

The Mighty Thor, Vol 1 – Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Journey Into Mystery #83 – #100

The debut of the Mighty Thor from King Kirby and Stanly the Manly. Some of my favorite 60’s Marvel comics, and a fairly astonishing debut of Asgard and Thor in the Marvel Universe. If you start down this path in Marvel Unlimited, note that Journey into Mystery becomes just plain “Thor” after issue #125. So Journey into Mystery #125 leads to Thor #126. Comics!

Walt Simonson’s Thor – 1983 to 1987

Issues: Thor #337-355, #357-369 & #371-382, Balder the Brave #1-4

The standard all other Thor comics are trying to meet. Likely the greatest Thor run ever, and if that’s not enough of a sell: FROG THOR.

II) Heroes Reborn: The Return of Thor – 1998 to 2004

Thor: First Thunder

#1 – #5

First Thunder is actually a 2010 miniseries. I place it this early in the guide because it works as sort of a Season One Thor story, from the early days of the Thunder God.

Thor, Vol.2 #1

Collects Thor #1-8, And Peter Parker: Spider-Man #2

You don’t have to start all the way at the beginning of this era of Thor to be prepared for Avengers Disassembled. I’ll lay it out so that you can, but this era is reliant on your love of all things Asgard, and your desire to see all things to completion.

Thor by Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr, Vol. 2

Collects Thor (1998) #9-13 And Thor Annual 1999

Thor, Vol. 3

Collects Thor #14-17, Iron Man #21-22, Peter Parker: Spider-Man #11, And Juggernaut: The Eighth Day

Thor by Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr, Vol. 4

Thor #18-25, Annual 2000

Thor: Across All Worlds

Thor (1998) #26-35

Thor: The Death of Odin

Thor (1998) #36-43, Annual 2001

Thor: Lord of Asgard

Thor #44 – #50

Thor: Gods on Earth

Collecting Thor #51-58, Iron Man #64, And Avengers #63

Thor: Spiral

Collecting Thor 59-67 And Material From Marvel Double-Shot 1

Thor: Gods & Men

Collecting Thor (1998) #68-79

III) Thor Disassembled: Ragnarok

Avengers Disassembled: Thor

Collects Thor #80-85

For the entire event, here’s my Avengers Disassembled reading order.

Thor: Son of Asgard

Thor: Son Of Asgard #1-12

Following Thor Disassembled, we get a handful of miniseries that reflect back on Thor’s early days. A number of these are published even after the next section of Thor stories, but I place them here for reference. You do not need to read all of these to keep current on Thor continuity.

Thor: Blood Oath

#1 – #6


#1 – #4

Thor: Ages of Thunder

Thor: Ages Of Thunder (Apr 2008), Thor: Reign Of Blood (June 2008), Thor: Truth Of History (Oct 2008), Thor: Man Of War (Nov 2008), Thor God-Size Special (Dec 2008)

Astonishing Thor

Astonishing Thor 1-5

Thor and the Warriors Four

Thor And The Warriors Four #1-4

Thor: Wolves of the North


Thor: For Asgard

#1 – #4

Thor: Heaven & Earth

#1 – #4

IV) Thor Returns! The J. Michael Straczynksi and Olivier Coipel Years (2007 to 2009)

Road to Civil War portion of theΒ Thor Omnibus

Fantastic Four #536 – #537

You could just as reasonably turn to the actual Road to Civil War collection for these issues of Fantastic Four. These are surprisingly necessary components of Thor’s continuity.

Thor, Vol. 1

Thor #1-6 (July 2007 – Feb 2008)

Thor, Vol. 2

Thor #7 – #12 + #600 (March 2008 – Feb 2009)

Secret Invasion: Thor

#1 – #3 (Aug 2008 – Oct 2008)

For the full Secret Invasion reading order.

Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter

Collects Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter #1-3 And Secret Invasion Aftermath: Beta Ray Bill – The Green Of Eden


Thor, Vol. 3

Collects Thor #601-603, And Thor: Defining Moments Giant-Size #1 (Apr 2009 – Sep 2009)

Thor Giant-Size


V) Mighty Thor & Journey Into Mystery – The Kieron Gillen & Matt Fraction Years (2010 to 2012)

Thor: Latverian Prometheus

Thor #604-606 & Sif #1 (Dec 2009 – Jan 2010)

Thor: Siege

Thor #607 – 610 + Siege: Loki #1

For the full Siege reading order.

Thor: Siege Aftermath

Thor #611-614 (June 2010 – Sept 2010)

Thor: The Mighty Avenger: The Complete Collection

Collecting: Thor The Mighty Avenger 1-8, Free Comic Book Day 2011

Important to clarify that Thor: The Mighty Avenger is the absolutely excellent (yet out of continuity) all ages Thor series from Roger Langridge. Highly recommended, but Matt Fraction’s “The Mighty Thor” is the in-continuity continuation of Thor’s story.



Thor: The Trials of Loki

Loki #1 – #4

Thor: The World Eaters

Thor #615 – #621 (Sept 2010 – March 2011)

Thunderstrike: Youth in Revolt

Thunderstrike #1 – #5 (Nov 2010 – April 2011)

The Mighty Thor, Vol. 1

The Mighty Thor 1-6 (April 2011 – Sept 2011)

Journey into Mystery by Kieron Gillen: The Complete Collection Volume 1

Journey Into Mystery 622-636, 626.1 (April 2011 – April 2012)

The Mighty Thor, Vol. 2

The Mighty Thor #7 – #12 (Oct 2011 – March 2012), Fear Itself #7.2: Thor

The Mighty Thor, Vol. 3

The Mighty Thor: 12.1, 13-17

Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen: The Complete Collection Volume 2

Collecting:Β Exiled 1; New Mutants 42-43; Journey Into Mystery 637-645; The Mighty Thor 18-22, Annual 1 (Ends October 2012)

VI) Thor NOW! God of Thunder by Jason Aaron & Esad Ribic (2012 to 2014)

Thor: God of Thunder Volume 1

Thor: God Of Thunder 1-11 (Nov 2012 – Aug 2013)

One of the best Thor runs ever begins here from Aaron and Ribic. God of Thunder is remarkably great, and a must for any Thor fan.

Journey Into Mystery Featuring Sif – Volume 1: Stronger Than Monsters (Marvel Now)

Journey Into Mystery 646-650

Journey Into Mystery Featuring Sif Volume 2: Seeds of Destruction (Marvel Now)

Journey Into Mystery 651-655

Thor: God of Thunder Volume 3: The Accursed (Marvel Now)

Thor: God Of Thunder 12-18 ( – Jan 2014)

Thor: God of Thunder Volume 4: The Last Days of Midgard (Marvel Now)

Thor: God Of Thunder 19-24 (Feb 14 – July 14)

Uncanny Avengers Omnibus

Uncanny Avengers 1-25, 8Au , Annual 1

I’ve largely avoided mentions of Thor’s involvement with the Avengers to this point. You can check this out for an Avengers trade guide. For Marvel NOW! Avengers, you can check out the Hickman Avengers portion of my Secret Wars guide. I include Uncanny Avengers reading here since Rick Remender’s Thor has specific developments connected to God of Thunder. That’s hardly the only focus of Uncanny Avengers, but it’s a good full run for Marvel fans.

Young Avengers by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie Omnibus

Young Avengers (2013) 1-15, Marvel Now! Point One 1 (Young Avengers Story)

More Avengers, this time to keep everyone in the loop on Kid Loki, the newest Young Avenger!

Loki: Agent of Asgard Volume 1: Trust Me

Loki: Agent Of Asgard 1-5 (Feb 2014 – June 2014)

VII) An All New Female Thor & Unworthy Odinson

Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm

Original Sin: Thor & Loki – The Tenth Realm 1-5

Original Sin

Not Thor Focused, But Major Ramifications For The Character

You may want to check out the Original Sin reading order.

Angela: Asgard’s Assassin Vol. 1: Priceless (Angela: Asgard’s Assasin)

#1 – #6 (Oct 2014 – March 2015)

Loki: Agent of Asgard Volume 2: I Cannot Tell a Lie

Loki: Agent Of Asgard 6-11

Thor Volume 1: Goddess of Thunder

Thor 1-5

Thor Volume 2: Who Holds the Hammer?

Thor #6 to #8, Annual #1

Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol. 3: Last Days

Loki: Agent of Asgard #12 to #17 (Secret Wars, Last Days tie-ins)

2015 Secret Wars

VIII) All-New All-Different Thor

Marvel’s post Secret Wars landscape continues the all-new direction for the Goddess of Thunder, before finally answering the questions left from Original Sin in the Unworthy Thor.

Mighty Thor Vol. 1: Thunder in Her Veins (Mighty Thor #1 to #5)

Vote Loki (Vote Loki #1 to #4)

Mighty Thor Vol. 2: Lords of MidgardΒ (Mighty Thor #6 to #11)

The Unworthy Thor (Unworthy Thor #1 to #5)

Mighty Thor Vol. 3: Asgard/Shi’ar War (Mighty Thor #12 to #18)

18 Replies to “Thor Reading Order”

  1. Oh! I didn’t realize, you made a Thor reading order. This will be extremely helpful for me, because I foolishly just bought Thor Vol 1 and Thor Vol 2 and didn’t know how complicated it was to get the following stories.
    But for what I have I am exclusively staying at IV) and up, to get that one at least kind of completed.

    I didn’t know there was so much stuff inbetween the single issues. I have the ultimate book at home (604-614+Siege:Loki+something from new mutants) but I was completely confused between the storylines, as if there was a lot of stuff missing.
    Like, how does Thor even know of Ragnarok, or why is Volstagg in prison.

    I already wasted too many hours trying to research what I am missing. Your guide will be a tremendous help.

      1. Hi Dave. I have got a very detailed question regarding and I don’t know if you can answer it, but I’ll try anyway.

        I use your guide, because it is invaluable if one wants to understand what’s going on. And I have sticked fairly well to it. I own now and have read all major Thor distributions from IV) Thor Volume 1 to V) Thor: Worldeaters including
        – Road to Civil War, Civil War
        – New Avengers: Illuminati, Secret Invasion, Guardians of the Galaxy (2008), Beta Ray Bill Godhunter
        – Siege: Prelude, Siege.

        So I read modern Thor till after the Siege (more coming) and the main events happening inbetween including the Prelude of each event.
        But I still do wonder: How does Thor even know of his clone, Ragnarok. Thor isn’t omnipotent as far as I know and Thor and Ragnarok haven’t met until Thor: Siege, but Thor is extremely pissed at Tony Stark as early as Volume 1. Do they meet in an issue not listed here, does he appear in a story I do not know?

        1. This is a fair question. I always sort of assumed Thor just sort of checked in on what happened and naturally seeing a cloned Thor caught his eye. So maybe as Donald Blake he’s watching the news one night, and they’re doing a special on Civil War. And Thor sees himself on TV and knows it’s a clone. And he’s rightfully VERY angry about this.

          The other option is he read Civil War during his hiatus from the Marvel Universe πŸ™‚

  2. Are ‘Secret Invasion: Thor’ and ‘Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter’ important to the overall storyline? I don’t feel I have been missing something when I was reading Thor Vol. 2 and Thor Vol.3.

    For example ‘road to civil war’ and ‘civil war’ seem to be important to the storyline as they introduce Ragnarok as well as explain what’s going on between Thor and Iron Man in Vol. 1 (as well as what was going on in general).
    I am also getting ‘Siege: Prelude’ and ‘Siege’ because what happened between Thor #607 and #614 is beyond confusing to me.

    Another question: I heard that ‘Thor: God of Thunder’ is basically a story for itself and not connected to the JMS run? I don’t really want to jump too much in the timeline around, because it will be a bit confusing, so can I read them now, or should I read world eaters, mighty thor and journey into mystery by kieron gillen before?

    I am sorry for being such a comic book noob :/

    1. Good questions.

      Godhunter is definitely less directly connected to Thor JMS continuity. I would included Secret Invasion if you can as it adds to Thor’s time in the JMS run. Siege is definitely crucial.

      You could read Thor: God of Thunder without any previous Thor reading really. If you just can’t wait, I wouldn’t hold you back πŸ™‚

      1. perfect, thanks for the answer. I actually have god of thunder vol 1 and 2 lying around because when I bought Thor Vol 1 last year by chance at the airport I bought Thor: God of Thunder Vol 2 with it together, because they were both directly next to each other and I thought “2 comes after 1”. After realizing that both have absolutely nothing to do with each other, I put god of thunder to the side and started to buy a bunch of other Thor books, but now I read through them all except God of Thunder.

        And I will pick up Secret Invasion then as well. Thanks! (If I find them. I am unable to find Thor: Disassembled here in Germany for a reasonable price)

      1. Nope, it does come right after #24 but just sort of a collection of ancient tales of the realms being read by the Girls/Goddesses of Thunder, though ending directly to an introduction to Aaron’s next series Thor 2015 πŸ™‚

  3. I picked up Thor at Original Sin and have been following into the Female Thor and am really enjoying it. I also decided to try to read the main new Secret Wars story. I just saw Lady Thor step off a Life Raft and I can’t for the life of me figure out where that all fits with what I’ve been reading! Any suggestions on where the lines crossed and where Secret Wars fits into the current Thor storeline?

  4. Dave, sorry another question; I see the first one you have listed is “The Mighty Thor Vol.1”, but then it goes to Walt Simonsson’s Thor. Am I supposed to read “The Might Thor Vol. 2 and 3” before moving on to Walt’s???

  5. Hey, just wanted to let you know you missed one thing. Its not really Thor-Related, but you missed Angela: Queen of Hel (Journey to the Funderworld)

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