Deadpool Reading Order

A comprehensive Deadpool reading order, from A to Dead. Enjoy!

Deadpool’s actually one of the few Marvel characters you can truly read all the way through without dedicating years of your life. Since his origins are in the 90’s, there’s only (only) about 20 years of continuity to sift through. Granted, if you read all of these Deadpool issues in a short period of time you’ll lose your home, job, family, and mind, but still, a comprehensive reading order back to the start!

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The Best Deadpool Comics To Start With!

While many of you may want to read every Deadpool comic in chronological order (see below!), if you’re new to Deadpool, here are the top 10 starting places for reading the Merc with the Mouth.

  1. Deadpool – The Joe Kelly Run
  2. Deadpool Classic Omnibus Vol. 1 (Follows the Joe Kelly run directly)
  3. Cable & Deadpool
  4. Deadpool – The Daniel Way Run
  5. Uncanny X-Force – The Rick Remender Run
  6. Deadpool MAX
  7. Deadpool (Marvel NOW!) – The Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn run
  8. Deadpool Minibus (Collects 8 – 11 (+ Deadpool vs Carnage) below in a cool hardcover minibus!)
  9. Deadpool: Classics Killustrated
  10. Deadpool Kills Deadpool
  11. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe
  12. Night of the Living Deadpool

I also cannot recommend highly enough Deadpool the Video Game. It’s an absolute blast, and actually serves as a perfect visual introduction to the character. Deadpool the video game actually helped me enjoy the comics more, and has set enormous expectations for what the character can do on screen.

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Full Deadpool Reading Order

*Updated: 12.19.16*

If you’re only interested in the modern Marvel Universe (around the start of 2000), you can skip on down to Deadpool Classic, Vol 9, with the start of Deadpool and Agent X.

I) Deadpool Classic: 90’s Origins through Agent X

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 1

Reading order:

New Mutants #98

X-Force #1 to #24 — These issues are not included in this collected trade, and are only partially in Marvel Unlimited. The missing issues #5 to #15 are collected in X-Force: Under the Gun. These are definitely a bit of extra credit, but they’ll actually help explain parts of “The Circle Chase.”

Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1 to #4

Deadpool (1994) #1 to #4

Deadpool and the Secret Defenders

Collects: Secret Defenders #15 to #25

Deadpool (1997) #1

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 2

Collects Deadpool #2-8 and #-1, and Daredevil/Deadpool Annual 1997

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 3

Deadpool (1997) #9-17 and Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #47

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 4

Deadpool (1997) #18-25 & #0, Deadpool & Death Annual 1998

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 5

Deadpool #26 – #33

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 6

Deadpool (1997) 34-45; Black Panther (1998) 23

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 7

Deadpool (1997) #46-56 and material from X-Men Unlimited (1993) #28

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 8

Deadpool #57 – #64

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 9

Deadpool (1997) 65-69, Agent X 1-6

Deadpool Classic, Vol. 10

Agent X 7-15, Fight Man 1

Dave’s Note: A lot of readers have asked about the newer volumes of Deadpool Classic, such as Vol. 11 to Vol. 13. These collected editions are all included in various collections below, and are better fits later in the reading order. Don’t worry, you won’t miss any Deadpool if you keep on going from here!

II) Cable & Deadpool Reunite!

Identity Disc (2004)

#1 – #5


#1 – #19 (This is admittedly a big Stretch! Nonetheless, an Alternate universe Deadpool plays a slight role in this completely excellent alternate realities X-book.)

Cable & Deadpool, Ultimate Collection Book 1

#1 – #18

Cable & Deadpool, Ultimate Collection Book 2

#19 – #35

You’ll also notice House of M & Civil War Deadpool tie-ins around this time!

Cable & Deadpool, Ultimate Collection Book 3

Cable & Deadpool #36-50, Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular

III) Daniel Way’s 2008 to 2012 Deadpool

Wolverine Origins: Deadpool

While you’ll note that the first Deadpool by Daniel Way collection does include Way’s first Deadpool story in Wolverine Origins, it’s worth mentioning separately for the Marvel Unlimited crowd.

Issues: Wolverine Origins #21 to #27

Deadpool by Daniel Way: The Complete Collection – Volume 1

Wolverine: Origins 21-25, Deadpool (2008) 1-12, Thunderbolts 130-131 and Deadpool SAGA

Kicks off hard with Secret Invasion and Dark Reign tie-ins.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings

#1 – #5 (April 2009 – Aug 2009)

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

#1 – #13 (July 2009 – June 2010)

Deadpool by Daniel Way: The Complete Collection – Volume 2

Deadpool 13-31 (Aug 2009 – Jan 2011)

Deadpool Team-Up Vol. 1

#899 – #894

Deadpool Team-Up Vol. 2

#893 – #889

Deadpool Team-Up Vol. 3

#888 – #883 (Ends Dec 2010)

Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War

#1 – #4

Prelude to Deadpool Corps

#1 – #5

Deadpool Corps Vol 1

#1 – #6 (Apr 2010 – Sept 2010)

Deadpool Corps Vol 2

#7 – #12 (Ends Mar 2011)

Uncanny X-Force

#1 – #35 (Oct 2010 – Dec 2012)

Absolutely fantastic, all-time great read that includes Deadpool as part of Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force. This is very possibly my favorite incarnation of Deadpool ever (Cable & Deadpool are in contention). Highly recommended additional read outside the core Deadpool book.

Deadpool by Daniel Way: The Complete Collection – Volume 3

Deadpool (2008) 32-49, 33.1, 49.1 (Jan 2011 – Jan 2012)

Fear Itself: Deadpool

A Fear Itself tie-in, three issue miniseries.

Deadpool Max

Deadpool MAX #1-12, Deadpool MAX 2 #1-6 and the Deadpool MAX X-MAS SPECIAL

Deadpool Pulp

Deadpool Pulp #1 to #4

Deadpool by Daniel Way: The Complete Collection – Volume 4

Deadpool 50-63 (Feb 2012 – Oct 2012)

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

#1 – #4

Deadpool vs. Thanos

#1 to #4

IV) Marvel NOW! Deadpool

Deadpool, Vol. 1

#1 – #6 (Nov 2012 – Mar 2013)

Thunderbolts: No Quarter

Daniel Way gets in some more time writing Deadpool as part of the new Thunderbolts. For more on how the Thunderbolts fit in, I recommend checking out the Marvel NOW! reading order.

#1 to #6

Deadpool: Classic Killustrated

#1 – #4

Deadpool, Vol. 2

#7 – #12 (Ends June 2013)

Deadpool Kills Deadpool

#1 – #4

Deadpool, Vol. 3

#13 – #19 (Ends Nov 2013)

Night of the Living Deadpool

#1 – #4

Return of the Living Deadpool

#1 to #4

Deadpool, Vol. 4

#20 – #25 (Ends Mar 2014)

Deadpool vs. Carnage

#1 – #4, Superior Carnage Annual #1

Deadpool vs. X-Force

#1 – #4

Deadpool, Vol. 5

Deadpool (2012) #26-28 and Deadpool Annual (2013) #1

Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet

#1 – #12 (Listed as “Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic” in Marvel Unlimited)

Deadpool, Vol. 6

#29 – #34 (Original Sin tie-in)

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool

#0 – #4

Deadpool’s Art of War

#1 – #4

Deadpool: The Ones With Deadpool

Deadpool Bi-Annual 1, Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America 1, Deadpool Annual 1-2

Deadpool, Vol. 7

Deadpool 35-40 (Axis tie-in)

Deadpool, Vol. 8

Deadpool 41-44, 250

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars

#1 to #4

While yes, this is a Secret Wars tie-in, in classic Deadpool fashion, it’s tied in to the wrong Secret Wars (the 1985 original instead of the 2015 newcomer).

Deadpool: Back in Black

Published a couple years after Secret Wars, but the follow-up to Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars.

V) All-New All-Different Deadpool & The Mercs For Money

Following Secret Wars, Deadpool really hit the big time, with the release of his real-world Ryan Reynolds movie taking theaters by storm, and with the relaunch of his new series. Plus… Deadpool became an Avenger!

Uncanny Avengers: Unity Vol. 1: Lost Future

No, for real, Deadpool joined an Avengers team. Collects the first six issues of Gerry Duggan writing Uncanny Avengers.

Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 1: Millionaire With A Mouth

Deadpool & Cable: Split Second

Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 1: Isn’t it Bromantic

One of my favorite comics of 2016, from Deadpool OG Joe Kelly!

Deadpool & the Mercs For Money Vol. 0: Merc Madness

Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 2: End of an Error

Uncanny Avengers: Unity Vol. 2: The Man Who Fell to Earth

Includes Uncanny Avengers tie-ins to Avengers Standoff.

Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 3: Deadpool Vs. Sabretooth

Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 4: Temporary Insanitation

Includes the Deadpool: Last Days of Magic #1 one-shot, which fits best with the Doctor Strange “Last Days of Magic.”

Deadpool V Gambit: The “V” is for “Vs.”

Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 5: Civil War II

Quite possibly the least tied-in of any Civil War II tie-ins.

Takes you through Deadpool #14 to #19.

Uncanny Avengers: Unity Vol. 3: Civil War II

Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 6

Takes you through Deadpool (2015-) #25.

Deadpool & The Mercs for Money Vol. 2: IvX

An Inhumans vs. X-Men tie-in. Collects Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #6 to #8, plus Annual #1.

Deadpool: Too Soon?

4 issue miniseries with Deadpool investigating the potential assassination of all Marvel’s funniest characters.

Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 7: Deadpool Does Shakespeare

Deadpool the Duck

5 issue miniseries. For shame, Marvel, for shame.

Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 2

Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 3: Itsy Bitsy

39 Replies to “Deadpool Reading Order”

  1. Hey! I haven’t read so much of Marvel (I’m now reading the Part 1 of your guide, and posted a question with no response there). So, I’m not a “Marvel authority” but here I go. I wanted to read Deadpool from the beginning, read the news mutants #98, later tried to read The circle Chase and didn’t understand nothing, so I consulted the deadpool appearances, and decided to read new mutants 98-100, and X-force from 1 to 24. leter, read the circle chase and understood a lot of things(Who is tolliver, and Black Thom and Juggernaut’s with Deadpool, and what happened to them). Deadpool is just a secondary-terciary character in New Mutants/X-Force, but it helps you to comprehend his story. There are things that this part doesn’t cover, but I think it helps a lot, and I think it’a a good read. Now I’m reading this inpendently, but I wanna

    To end, I have a question: How Deadpool should be read alongside your marvel guides(i’m talking about the general guides)? I wanna be prepared when I reach to the 2000’s Deadpool, and I’m seeing it intersects a lot eith the series in the part 1 of your guide.

    PS.: Sorry for my English, I know I speak it like a caveman.

    1. Most of section 1 of the guide can be read before part one of my guide. Once you hit Agent X you’ll have entered part 1 of the guide.

      I try to call out in the next sections which events overlap with the Deadpool reading. For example, during Cable & Deadpool, you’ll hit House of of M tie-ins, and then later Civil War tie-ins. Once you see the House of M banner on a Cable & Deadpool issue, you know to jump to the House of M reading order.

      Same goes for Daniel Way’s run on Deadpool with begins with Secret Invasion and Dark Reign.

      Hope that helps and enjoy the comics!

  2. Don’t suppose you’d be willing to do another version of this that goes by individual issues instead of TPB’s, could you? If you would, that would be highly appreciated.

      1. What I mean is that he makes guest appearances in tonnes of other comics, as well as the fact that there are flashback issues that take place before the spot where they’re listed, as well as stories that weren’t mentioned at all like Return of the Living Deadpool, Deadpool vs X-Force, The old 90’s X-Force comic, etc.

        1. If you want a complete list of a characters appearances, then I suggest visiting Comic Book DB and searching for the character there. Dave was providing a reading order for comic book runs featuring the character, and did an excellent job providing that, in my opinion.

  3. Great guide! I’ve been working on something similar for myself as I’m determined to read/ re-read everything Deadpool in the right order, and this has helped immensely with ordering things as well as filling in some gaps I had. That said, there seem to be a few things missing from here (or that I would appreciate a little more clarification on) so would be grateful for your thoughts on whether they fit in with the main chronology or in theory could be read at any point…

    1) Wolverine Origins – you suggest above that ‘Daniel Way, Complete vol. 1’ includes this – do you know if these are the full issues or ‘extracts from’? Is it worth reading the entire series of Origins for the full story or is the Deadpool section relatively well self contained?

    2) Thunderbolts (volume 2) series is not included above – where should this fit?

    3) Other missing limited series – Pulp, 5 Ronin, Fear Itself, Return of the Living Deadpool, Secret Secret Wars, Venom – What If? Again, stand alone or appropriate elsewhere?

    4) There are some new entries in the Classics collections – being 11-13. 11 appears to collect the Merc With a Mouth series, 12 all of the Deadpool Corp stuff (including Rank & Foul?) and information on 13 seems sketchy at present but I believe will cover off all of the Team Up series. There also appears to be a Classic Companion looming including a few random issues from long ago. Any solid confirmation of details of these collections would be great!

    I think that’s about it! Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    1. Good news and bad news. The good news is, I’ve worked out a complete order for Deadpool (going by individual issues) the bad news is, I haven’t put it up on my site yet. (If it isn’t obvious, I’m not with Comic book herald)

  4. Deadpool, Vol. 6 should be read BEFORE Hawkeye vs. Deadpool – there’s a spoiler in the first issue of Hawkeye vs. Deadpool that doesn’t happen till Deadpool, Vol. 6…

  5. Hey Dave!

    I love all of your reading orders I have used them for years now…

    Quick question for the below I am going to mention (can they be read as stand-alones whenever or is there a spot you recommend)?

    Deadpool Pulp
    Fear Itself
    Return of the Living Deadpool
    Secret Secret Wars
    Deadpool vs. Thanos
    Encyclopedia Deadpool
    Baby’s First DP Book
    Team Up Starring DP and Widdle Wade
    Games of Death
    Corps: Rank and Foul
    Lady Deadpool
    X-Men Origins: Deadpool
    What If Venom?
    Deadpool/Cable #26
    Deadpool Family #1
    Wolverine/Deadpool The Decoy

    Thanks so much for everything!

    1. Deadpool Pulp, Return of the Living Deadpool (and by extension, Night of the Living Deadpool), What If? Venom, are all non-canon stories. They can be read just about whenever.
      In my personal order, I have Fear Itself just after Deadpool #31 (From Daniel Way’s run)
      Secret Secret Wars is a 2015 Secret Wars tie-in, but it’s set in the original secret wars. I say it’s 2015 Secret Wars because it has that logo on the cover, and it also changes some of the stuff with the original SW, so I guess it’s your own choice if you want to put it at the end, or at the beginning.
      Deadpool vs Thanos is presumably after Secret Wars based off the publication date, but to know for sure, we’d have to wait till SW is over.
      Encyclopedia Deadpoolica, Deadpool Corps: Rank & Foul & Baby’s First Deadpool Book aren’t really stories, they’re just information, so they don’t really need to be read.
      The Team-Up Issue, I’ve put it just before Deadpool vs X-Force (which is set chronologically before New Mutants #98)
      I put Games of Death before Deadpool #13 (again, from Daniel Way’s run)
      LDP One-Shot I’ve got after Deadpool Family which I put after Deadpool corps, but I’ve heard it goes before the corps issues. Not too sure about my placing.
      X-Men Origins: Deadpool would be placed more or less at the start if you consider it canon.
      As for “The Decoy” I have it just before Daniel Way’s run begins.

        1. Oh yeah. Cable & Deadpool, I’m not sure. I haven’t read through everything, so half of my order is really well done, the other is pretty half-assed and unfortunately, C&D is one of the titles that is half-assed, so that’s just after #25. When I get to it, I’ll let you know where I think it should be. As for #900 & #1000, I seem to have forgotten to put #900 on my order & I’ve put 1000 after Deadpool #21 (from Daniel Way’s series)

          So yeah, like I said, I haven’t had a proper chance to go through and make sure everything’s 100% in the right spot, so just use this bit as a general guide until you find something better.

  6. Just started reading comics thanks to a new tablet and was completely overwhelmed by series continuity. Thanks for clarifying with your research and guide, I had no idea what I was stepping into.

      1. Dave, I was going through and ordering the Classic volumes 1-10, but noticed there are more Classic volumes past volume 10.. there is a Volume 11… DO I get this? or continue with your list? I think the Classic Volumes go all the way to 15?

  7. Thank you for this, been looking for one of these for a while so I can know which order to get them all in…now to go drain my bank. 🙂

    I did have one question about it though, I’m kinda an OCD completionist and wanted to double check what portion of his story this included? They whole thing? His stories up till X year? Not looking for EVERY appearance of him in comics, just the ones that tell his story or are appearances in others that are big enough to be honorary mentions included with his story arch. Thanks

  8. Do you know where Deadpool/ widdle deadpool is sittuated? my guess is in Deadpool classics, Vol.5… not sure though and kindda stuck.

  9. Hi
    I would really love and appriecate some help, my sister is a huge deadpool, marvel anything geeky fan! She just digs it! I would love to win utter sister points and buy her a deadpool first edition for Xmas. Problem is I have know idea where to start! Any recomendations? Thanks again!

  10. So im not sure how to phrase this. so like the deadpool classics does it not go in the exact order you have them written down? like: Deadpool (1997) #9-17 and Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #47

    Deadpool Classic, Vol. 4

    Deadpool (1997) #18-25 & #0, Deadpool & Death Annual 1998

    isn’t it supposed to go issue #17 then Deadpool & Death Annual right? or does it just go straight like it reads from 17 to spiderman to 18-25 and then read Deadpool & Death Annual?

  11. Hey Dave thanks for the list.
    Have worked through the classics on your list (just finished Vol 10) and about to get into Deadpool&Cable.
    Just a little confused with the new classics coming out (currently all the way to Vol 16).
    Would marvel not of put these new Volumes together in the best reading order compared to your different one above?
    e.g. Deadpool Vol 11 collects Deadpool: Merc with a mouth 1-13 and obviously follows Classic Vol 10. On your list you recommend reading Deadpool&Cable, Daniel Ways Vol 1 and Suicide Kings before Merc with a mouth.
    Are you saying that in this instance the storyline/order doesn’t matter?
    Thanks mate, list is serving me well so far!

    1. I think Classic Vol. 11 is actually a better read closer to when it was published (late 2000’s). Marvel really jumps ahead with those collections (about 6 years), and while they’re contained enough that you’ll be fine just going in order, there are some big picture Marvel U tie-ins that don’t really make sense until later.

      So, I think the order does matter, I just like mine better 😉

  12. I just read all of the Daniel Way run to get ready for the movie. I really enjoyed it and I haven’t read hardly any of the modern stuff.

    I saw some of the reviews saying that the last 1/4 of the run wasn’t very good but i disagree. If you’re reading it faster than one issue a month, the slow parts don’t seem slow at all.

  13. I have recently acquired every book in this whole shopping list. (Including Return of the Living Deadpool)

    Are all possible issues truly gathered in this list? Has anyone located any issues that are excluded from the current list?

    Thanks so much for answers in before hand. =)

  14. If you REALLY enjoy the character of Deadool than you should NEVER read the Daniel Way run..and avoid everything from that era where he has more than one voice in his head. Hot garbage!

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