The Comic Book Herald Reading Club Is About To Read Marvel Comics in the 1980’s! Come Join Us!

Since the start of 2016, Comic Book Herald has been hosting ‘My Marvelous Year,’ the only comic book reading club that reads comics from every single year of Marvel’s history. Starting this Friday, May 20, 2016, we will be diving in to the year 1980.

Come join us, or keep reading to learn more about ‘My Marvelous Year.’

What Is My Marvelous Year?

Well, in short it’s the 2016 Comic Book Herald reading club. You, me, and a whole bunch of other Marvel fanatics are going to read 10 comic book stories from each year of Marvel history, tackling one year a week. We will be using Marvel Unlimited, for the easiest most affordable means of reading all these comics!

So for the first week of January 2016, we read 10 Marvel Comics stories published in 1962 (starting with the final two months of 1961 since that’s when the Marvel U really begins). For the second week of January 2016, we read 10 Marvel Comics stories published in 1963. The third week, we covered 1964. And so on… until we hit 2014 in the final week of December 2016!

So far, the My Marvelous Year faithful (now numbering 1500 strong!) have finished Marvel Comics in the 1960’s and the 1970’s. Click on either decade to see previous year’s reading lists, as well as the club’s votes for Hero, Villain, Issue, Writer, and Artist of the Year!

The 1980’s reading will begin Friday May 16, 2016!

Come Join Us!

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