SHIELD #1 Review! Agents of SHIELD TV vs. Agents of SHIELD Comics

Agents of SHIELD comics issue 1

It’s no secret that I’ve been critical of Agents of SHIELD. I wanted to review the all-new SHIELD comic from Marvel based on the show’s characters for 2 reasons: 1) Writer Mark Waid is one of the best comic book writers of the last 25 years, and if he can’t infuse life into AoS, nobody can and 2) The Agent Carter interim offers a great chance for the SHIELD comic series to breathe ideas and new life into an inconsistent, if improving, TV series. Continue reading “SHIELD #1 Review! Agents of SHIELD TV vs. Agents of SHIELD Comics”

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Ep 2 Review! Confident Second Season


The success of Agents of SHIELD season two so far (and so far I would absolutely consider it a success) can be summed up in one word: confidence. I wrote about this after episode one, but this is an Agents of SHIELD that knows what it wants to be. We’re done wandering aimlessly in a luxury airliner looking for freaks of the week. Agents of SHIELD is the now defunct peace-keeping force tasked with protecting a world that hates and fears them (more on that in 5 things I want to see), and ending the threat of HYDRA. Episode 2 continues right where we left off in episode 1, with Director Coulson and crew leading the hunt for Crusher Creel (the Absorbing Man) and the obelisk in his possession. Continue reading “Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Ep 2 Review! Confident Second Season”

Agents of SHIELD S2 E1 Review! This Time With Meaning

Agents of SHIELD Logo

Unlike Gotham which debuted to a fresh, adoring public this week, Agents of SHIELD season two aired last night with a lot of baggage. Season one certainly has its fans, but the general consensus seems to be: Not a very good show, but it got a LOT better after Captain America 2 and the dissolution of SHIELD at the hands of Hydra. I tend to agree, and although I have my own plan for the Season 2 I want to see, I think Agents of SHIELD S2 episode one was able to match the potential exhibited by Gotham in its pilot. So far these are both comic book TV shows defined by potential, and with an entire season under its belt AoS certainly has a shorter forgiveness-leash. Nonetheless, episode one puts season two on the right track. Continue reading “Agents of SHIELD S2 E1 Review! This Time With Meaning”

If I Wrote Agents of SHIELD Season Two

Agents of SHIELD Logo

Let’s face it guys and girls: Agents of SHIELD Season One was disappointing. With a capital DISAPPOINT. Yes, things started to “Turn, Turn, Turn” following Captain America 2, but that simply saw Agents of SHIELD progress from a massive disappointment to a passable show filled to the brim with potential. The fact that the writers and showrunners seemed comfortable admitting they had to wait 17 EPISODES to finally get interesting (because of the Cap 2 movie tie-in) is completely and utterly…

You know what? This isn’t about Season One anymore. It’s in the past, and we’ll never watch it again, even though the DVD was just released (seriously: not a DVD you need, although 4 and a half stars on 800 Amazon reviews is STUNNING). It’s time to focus on how we make Agents of SHIELD awesome for Season Two, which begins September 23rd. I have some ideas: Continue reading “If I Wrote Agents of SHIELD Season Two”