Avengers: Standoff! Reading Order

Prior to Marvel’s major 2016 event, Civil War II, the various Avengers and SHIELD books came together for the Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill event.

Previously: All-New All-Different Marvel

Avengers: Standoff! Trade Reading Timeline

Captain America: Sam Wilson Vol. 1: Not My Captain America

Collects: Captain America: Sam Wilson #1 to #6

Nick Spencer’s opening arc on Sam Wilson, Captain America, sets the stage for Kobik, SHIELD, and most of the elements at play in Standoff.

Avengers: Standoff!

Collects: All the event issues below!

Avengers Standoff Marvel Comics

Avengers: Standoff! Issue by Issue Reading Order

Avengers Standoff: Welcome To Pleasant Hill *Prelude*

Avengers Stand Off: Assault On Pleasant Hill Alpha #1

Agents Of Shield #3

New Avengers #8

Uncanny Avengers #7

All New All Different Avengers #7

Howling Commandos Of Shield #6

Captain America Sam Wilson #7

Uncanny Avengers #8

New Avengers #9

Illuminati #6

Agents Of Shield #4

All New All Different Avengers #8

New Avengers #10

Captain America Sam Wilson #8

Avengers Standoff: Assault On Pleasant Hill Omega #1


New Avengers #11

Thunderbolts Vol. 1 (Thunderbolts #1 to #6)

Captain America: Steve Rogers (#1 to #3)

Next: Civil War II

8 Replies to “Avengers: Standoff! Reading Order”

  1. Maybe you should add New Avengers #11. Doesn’t the cover say “In the wake of Standoff”? I don’t know I haven’t read it. I’m waiting for some sweet All-New, All-Different reading orders. 😉

  2. What about all the comics between your All-new All-different reading order and Standoff, such as Captain Marvel, Agents of SHIELD, All-New All-Different Avengers, New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Captain America Sam Wilson, Ultimates, Squadron Supreme, etc.? There’s a huge gap between All-new All-different and Standoff in your order. Issues like Uncanny Avengers 4-6 are missing, and Captain Marvel has been completely omitted!

  3. I read that Sam Wilson Vol 2: Contains all the ESSENTIAL story bits of this event with the rest being optional. Thoughts? I buy exclusively trades.

  4. I’ve just read Agents of SHIELD #4 and imho it should be read between New Avengers #8 and #9 because the events happen simultanously to New Avengers #8 and definitly before #9. Plus, at the end of Agents of SHIELD there is written that the story will continue in New Avengers #9!

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