Valiant Comics Reading Order – The Whole Valiant Universe!

Valiant Comics!

Whereas alternative music has since lost all meaning as a description of rock and roll, Valiant Comics is a truly legitimate alternative superhero comic book publisher.

Sure Marvel and DC Comics get all the credit for their Big 2 heroes, but meanwhile you have Valiant Comics churning out consistently high quality books about superpowered adventure, all within their own uniquely crafted universe. Continue reading “Valiant Comics Reading Order – The Whole Valiant Universe!”

QoW: How is Valiant Comics Able to Give Their Comics Away in Scribd?

All the Valiant Universe

As more and more comic book publishers are willing to place sizable portions of their library on “all you can eat” subscription services like Marvel Unlimited or Scribd, it raises the question how this impacts sales.

I took an in-depth look at the impact Marvel Unlimited may have had on Marvel trade sales (shortcut: Trade sales have actually increased as Marvel Unlimited adoption has increased), but I find it similarly interesting on a smaller scale.

Which brings us to this week’s question: Continue reading “QoW: How is Valiant Comics Able to Give Their Comics Away in Scribd?”

The Valiant #4 Review!

What has been billed as “the battle 10,000 years in the making” comes to it’s close in the final issue of the limited series “The Valiant”. Last issue the monstrous entity known as the Immortal Enemy soundly defeated the combined efforts of virtually every hero the Valiant Universe has to offer as Bloodshot ferried off Kay McHenry, the current Geomancer, the target of the evil being. If Kay dies, a new dark age is set to befall humanity. The stakes can’t get any  higher and the real question is can Bloodshot succeed where all of his compatriots have failed and keep the Geomancer safe? Continue reading “The Valiant #4 Review!”

Ninjak #1 Review

Ninjak issue 1

After making his first appearances in the series X-O Manowar and then becoming the backbone of the team Unity in the eponymously named series, Ninjak comes to us as a part of the “Valiant Next” wave of new series from Valiant comics. We actually get two stories in this issue, both written by Matt Kindt; with the main story set in the present and the back-up being a look into the mysterious past of Ninjak. Continue reading “Ninjak #1 Review”