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Hello and welcome to Comic Book Herald!

Comic Book Herald is a site dedicated to guiding enthusiastic comic book readers through the immense amounts of Marvel books and trade paperbacks available.

You can read the full story of why I started the website here, but the gist is this: If you’re newer to the Marvel Universe, it’s not as easy as it should be to read through the incredible catalog of material they have in a logical and coherent order. If you were going to watch a TV series based on sequential story-telling (Lost, The Wire, Dexter, etc.), you wouldn’t want to jump around from episode to episode. The same applies for comic book reading. There’s nothing that kills a reading experience quite like picking up an issue of Spider-Man and muddling through references to characters and events you’ve never heard of.

With Comic Book Herald, I’ll be doing my part to lay out a clear and concise reading order guide for this universe. Reading through the last decade of Marvel Comics is a really fun experience. I just want to make it easier for everyone.

To get started, I recommend you check out my Complete Marvel Reading Order Guide. I can be contacted at dave@comicbookherald.com, or using the form below. And be sure to stay in touch through our Twitter @ComicBookHerald!

And finally, if you’d like to support Comic Book Herald, you can do so through the search bar below. Search for any graphic novel you’re already planning to buy, take care of business on Amazon, and Comic Book Herald will get a referral credit. Thanks a ton in advance.

12 Replies to “About Comic Book Herald”

  1. Hey, Dave!

    Just a quick comment: It would be real helpful – for me, at least – if you had a search window at the top of the page. I don’t know how much of a task I’m asking for, so lemme have it if it’s a biggie.

    Love (and Rockets)

    1. PS: I know there’s one on the forums page, but that only got me posts on the forums, and some more connected to the search than others.

      PPS: And one of the things I like not-so-much about Word Press is you can’t edit your posts.

      PPPS: Monday is my birthday so if you wanted to act on my suggestion, I could consider it a present. 😉

  2. Hi Dave
    I am fairly new to reading marvel comics, I’m a DC girl. But seeing as civil war is coming out soon I thought I would read the comics. I have read road to civil war and the actual civil war collected edition but I wanted to know what happens after. Like I know what happens to cap but I wanted to read about it and the aftermath of the war. So my question is, is there a novel or comic I should read that has the aftermath explained or anything.


  3. Hey Dave,
    I’ve been reading comics for a little while now and I seem to read most of them in the right universe but here is my question:
    How do I know in which universe the comic is playing/happening ?
    I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while and while it’s pretty obvious with the ultimate universe I don’t know about the rest. I didn’t see it being stated in any of the comics I’ve read so far..
    If you could help me I’d very much appreciate it 🙂

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. For Marvel, most comics exist in the same universe. Like you mention, the Ultimate U is separate and distinct. Certain stories create new alternate realities. Examples would be age of apocalypse, house of m, or secret wars (2015). Most alternate realities will explain the creation or cause of that reality in the story.

      Hope that helps. If you have any example storylines that are confusing, I’d be happy to take a look.

      1. Thank you so much for answering this helped a lot 🙂

        I was just so confused when I saw how many different universes or realities existed.
        Everytime I read a different comic (that wasn’t secret wars or in the ultimate universe) I figured it would be on Earth 616 but wondered if it was stated somewhere. Thank you for helping with that 🙂

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