The Punisher (1-12) Review

Garth Ennis’s early 2000′s run on The Punisher. Full review to come. Keep reading for the Comic Book Herald overview.


Comic Book Run: The Punisher Vol. 1: Welcome Back, Frank

Publication Dates: 2000

Writer: Garth Ennis  Artist: Jimmy Palmiotti

CBH Score:

Continuity Relevance?: No. 

Who Needs It?: Do ya like blood, Timmy? Do ya?


11 Replies to “The Punisher (1-12) Review”

    1. Issues #1 and #7 are available via MU. Strangely everything in between is not yet. I’d be surprised if the full series isn’t added in the near future, this is a higher profile comic run.

      1. I’ve been checking periodically and it’s all there now! All issues have the ‘0002’ date but still all there.

  1. The Marvel Podcast has said that anything that is consider mature won’t make it to Marvel Unlimited. I believe that is the reason it’s only partially on MU. This sadly means Alias and Miracleman won’t be on MU anytime soon.

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