Rat Queens #15 Review!

Available March 16, 2016

Seriously, who doesn’t love Rat Queens!? We’re fifteen issues in and the latest arc is on the cusp of its big finale. This issue is a lot more serious than per the Rat Queens usual, but S#&% is going down! We’ve learned a lot about the Queens from the start of this arc and the hits just keep on coming. Hold tight to your heart strings on this one, fifteen is coming for every one of those suckers. We’ve got love, loss, betrayal, and holy crap those plot twists! Like the solicit says: “A betrayal changes the Rat Queens FOREVER! Prepare to be shocked! You did not see this one coming!”

Rat Queens comic book reviews

The Good:

  • Multi-Character Development

This is a great issue, and arc overall, for learning more about the Queens. While this issue focuses on revelations pertaining to Hannah, the quick witted and foul-tempered Queen, we also get some great moments from a few other characters. From the summation of information the audience pretty much knows by now to expect stuff way out of left field; this issue is deep, crazy, and excellent!

  • Hannah

Did I mention this is all about Hannah? Well love her or hate her, this issue deepens her character in a very meaningful way. This is a very revealing issue for her, both inside and out(!), as we really get a good look at what makes her who she is. Suddenly those traits that may have turned you off to her character endear her to the reader. The tragedy of this character is almost classic and played to great effect.

  • Emotionally Impactful

Issue fifteen doesn’t play any games when it comes to tugging on those heart strings. There are several moments that are almost hard to read because you can really feel the sadness and pain of the characters. This has a lot to do with the art team; Fowler and Bonvillain really shine here. The detail captures the emotions of each character perfectly and the colors really draw attention to the mood of each scene. Seiji may be one of my favorite artists in comics right now, but he left Rat Queens in great hands!

The Bad:

  • Lack of usual comic relief

As I’ve been harping on about, this issue is a very serious entry into the Rat Queens journey. There is a scant one comedic relief scene in the whole issue. Normally this would be very appropriate for this type of story, but for the Queens it feels like a little something is missing. The strongest suit of the series has always been the blend of action, drama, and humor (though often dark). The latter of which is, noticeably, almost completely absent.


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