Black Widow: Itsy Bitsy Spider Review

Greg Rucka’s early 2000′s run on Black Widow. Full review to come. Keep reading for the Comic Book Herald overview.

Comic Book Run: Black Widow: The Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Publication Dates: Jun 1999 – March 2001

Writer: Greg Rucka  Artist: JG Jones

CBH Score:

Continuity Relevance?: Yes, minor. Introduces recurring new character. 

Who Needs It?: Fans of strong female characters written well. Fans of espionage and intrigue. Anybody who wonders why Scarlett Johansonn is even in The Avengers. 


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  1. Tip: If you’re looking for these on MU the first 3 are listed as “Black Widow (1999) and the second 3 are listed as “Black Widow: Breakdown (2001)”

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