Fantastic Four Review – We Loved It! (haha relax, Jk)

Dammit Doom

You might have heard all of the criticism, you might have seen the movie, and you might have noticed that the movie only made $28.2 million in its first box office weekend. In anticipation for a review, I decided to ignore all of that and go in the movie with an unbiased mindset. What did I think? Well, here’s the review. Continue reading “Fantastic Four Review – We Loved It! (haha relax, Jk)”

Batman Arkham Knight Review

In the third, (technically forth, but we won’t count Arkham Origins) and final installment in the series, Rocksteady delivers one of the best superhero games to date. The plot of Arkham Knight follows months after the events of Arkham City. Scarecrow mass produces his fancy fear toxin and plans to use it over the entire city of Gotham. Oh no! What about all the civilians? Well, see, here’s the thing: Scarecrow only wants to go after the Batman, knowing that if he took care of him nothing else would stand in his way. With everyone heeding Scarecrow’s warning, Gotham is evacuated, leaving only Batman, his allies, the GCPD, and all of the villains and their thugs left in Gotham. Continue reading “Batman Arkham Knight Review”