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Ninjak issue 1

Ninjak #1 Review

After making his first appearances in the series X-O Manowar and then becoming the backbone of the team Unity in the eponymously named series, Ninjak comes to us as a part of the “Valiant Next” wave of new series from Valiant comics. We actually get two stories in this issue, both written by Matt … [Read More...]

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Dick Grayson has a butt

GRAYSON #8 Review

From the onset of Dick Grayson’s foray into spyhood, I had my reservations about the whole “secret agent” thing. With Dick’s induction into Spyral, a new codename, and then finally, the use of guns – it all just seemed a bit, I don’t know, gimmicky. … [Read the Review]


PRINCESS LEIA #1 Review: “Royal Solo”

Headlining the first mini-series of Marvel’s hotly re-invigorated Star Wars franchise is the original trilogy’s leading lady. Just as feisty as ever, Princess Leia is a story demanding to be told in spite of vague strokes in this opening chapter. … [Read the Review]

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Cover art by Scott Koblish with colors by Romulo Fajardo. Marvel digital erroneously gives credit to Scott Kolins

AVENGERS #42 Review: “Oh, Wait– Aliens Still Hate Us…”

This week’s Avengers recovers a lot of buoyancy lost over the last couple of installments. Packed to the gills with scene changes and cast galore, Jonathan Hickman goes into overdrive crunching Marvel’s multiverse toward the Summer 2015 Secret Wars. With his run on Earth’s Mightiest wrapping in April, the writer’s renewed urgency is ably accompanied […]


CBH Reading Club #6: Marvel Knights Sample Platter

Welcome back to the Comic Book Herald reading club. This week we read a Marvel Knights sample platter from 1998 to 1999, including Daredevil #1 to #5, Black Panther #1 to #5, and Inhumans #1 to #3. As always, you can see what the rest of the CBH club is saying in our club forums, […]

Skye is Daisy is Quake

What I Wish Had Happened on Agents of SHIELD’s MidSeason Premiere

In my reviews of season 2 of Agents of SHIELD, I’ve oscillated between enthusiasm at the show’s improvement and exhaustion at wishing Marvel would take far more chances. Since I’m tired of being a perpetual bummer over a show many MCU fans enjoy, and since my Mom told me if you don’t have anything nice […]