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S.H.I.E.L.D #9 Review: “Historical Spy-tacular!”

Talk about well timed. Coupling this week’s celebration of original creator Jack Kirby’s birthday with the upcoming launch of ABC-TV’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” third season, now is really the perfect moment to shine the spotlight on the super-spy institution. However, this current … [Read More...]

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DARTH VADER #8 Review: “Imperial Sidebar”

Given recent announcements of additional series and an “Event-style” crossover, it’s no secret that Marvel has big plans for the Star Wars titles. However, the unfortunate downside of this anticipated growth spurt is that sometimes what’s directly on the plate can feel less special. Sadly, this holds true of the Sith Lord’s latest solo outing.

The New 52

Question of the Week: Is It Worth Reading DC’s New 52?

From the comments of the DC Reading Order: Hey, I’m trying to get into DC comics and have started the new 52 just recently. Is it still a good starting point?? I know they stopped making it but should I still read it? If not what else should I do to get into the DC […]

Marvel Universe and FF

Fantastic Four & Marvel Universe Members Ranked!

It was 2007 the last time The Fantastic Four descended onto the big screen, yet on August 6th they will be back again in the new exciting reboot. From the young director Josh Trank – creator of Chronicle – the film includes a brand new younger cast. With the Fantastic Four once again ready to […]