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NEW AVENGERS #26 Review: Total Drama Wakanda!

“Cages”, the latest New Avengers comic, serves as an integral puzzle piece to writer Jonathan Hickman’s near-literal Marvel epic to end all epics. Not only does it re-establish key characters as the story skips ahead “Eight Months Later” but it also … [Read the Review]

The Penitent Carnage!

Axis: Carnage #2 Review!

Yes, Carnage, the psychotic, symbiotted, serial-killer offspring of Venom, born in the excess of the 90’s, is back for Marvel’s Axis storyline. You don’t really need to know what’s going on in Axis to enjoy this series, all you need to know is that … [Read the Review]

amazing spider man edge of spider verse

Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review!

If I had to describe Amazing Spider-Man #10 in one word, that word would be “abrupt.” This is part two of the multiverse-spanning Spider-Verse event, and after building up some interesting mysteries around a handful of the Spider-Folks over five … [Read the Review]

Out of Control

So what were the Secret Wars?

In May 1984, Marvel released what can only be described as a classic series – one that they’re now revisiting.  Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars – commonly referred to just as ‘Secret Wars’ – was easily the first major ‘event comic’, a 12-issue epic … [Read the Review]

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