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Old-School X-Men with Lincoln Crisler: Uncanny X-Men #203

Our last issue gave us a "Secret Wars II" showdown between Phoenix and the Beyonder! While not a huge fan of cosmic-type Marvel stories (a damn shame, innit, what with the recent announcement that they'll be revisiting Secret Wars next year), I still counted it an overall win for Claremont because … [Read More...]


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Cyclops #6 Review! Trouble Fitting In

So one day, Marvel decided to release a book about a young, time traveling Cyclops going into space with his space pirate father (who he thought was dead) to reconnect. I thought it was a rather goofy premise, and that it wouldn’t be for me, but I … [Read the Review]


Review: Hobgoblin #1 – Axis Tie-In……yawn

Well, here’s another sentence I didn’t think I would ever write: I just finished reading Hobgoblin #1. This is going to be a three part mini, spiraling out of the events of the Marvel spanning Avengers and X-Men crossover event, AXIS. I did not … [Read the Review]

Subtle "X" is subtle

Review: The Logan Legacy #2 – X-23

So Wolverine is dead. Finally, after Marvel dragged it out, and now they continue to give us more insight into that story as the Marvel Universe vies to fill the void left by the death of Logan. If you missed the first issue of The Logan Legacy, here … [Read the Review]


Ms. Marvel #9 Review! Here Come the Inhumans

Here we are, 9 issues in following the adventures of Kamala as she continues to combat against the power of the inventor and his crazy machinery and monsters. Surprisingly enough, we’ve gone this far without Kamala getting bogged down in some form of … [Read the Review]

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