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SECRET WARS #2 Review: “Game of Thors”

After the universe-ending uncertainty of last issue, this week’s installment serves as the true kick-off to Marvel’s summer mega-event. Clocking in at over forty pages, writer Jonathan Hickman gets right into the business of world-(re)building, easing the reader through the new status quo. Fully … [Read More...]

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Star Wars Ewoks

Star Wars Comics Reading Order Now Added!

As many of you are aware, Star Wars comics have been added to Marvel Unlimited. You can now check out the Comic Book Herald Star Wars reading order to enjoy these comics in a way that doesn’t make your brain feel like bantha fodder in a blender.


History of Batman #12: Dick Sprang’s Daring Dynamic Duo -1944, Part Two

The end of 1944 in ‘Detective Comics’, ‘Batman’ and ‘World’s Finest Comics’ featured our highlighted hero facing dangerous rogues such as The Joker and escaping seemingly impossible traps, much thanks to artist Dick Sprang’s distinctive line and movement on the page. Let’s finish another year in Batman’s comic book history with time travel, prison break […]


The Best 100 Marvel Stories Told From 1998 to 2015!

It’s been my goal since starting Comic Book Herald to help readers and new (or lapsed) comic fans navigate the modern Marvel Universe. In my estimate, that has always been since just before the turn of the century, as Marvel Knights, the Ultimate Universe, and the editorial reign of Joe Quesada rose from the ashes […]


STAR WARS #4 Review: “The Force Takes Five”

Reaching the midpoint of the first arc, writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday take twenty pages to pause and take stock of Marvel’s new in-canon Star Wars Universe before moving forward. It’s not so much wheel-spinning as it is an opportunity to better align all that’s happened so far in the recently re-minted franchise. […]


ALL-NEW X-MEN #40 Review: “The Hype and Speculation Show”

Although always high profile, few issues in writer Brian Michael Bendis’s turn on the X-franchise have gotten this much attention. From the months of mysterious whisperings regarding the “Utopians” to the pre-release controversy earlier this week, this is indeed one that has everyone talking. How much of it is wholly warranted? That may be another […]