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Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Ep 2 Review! Confident Second Season

The success of Agents of SHIELD season two so far (and so far I would absolutely consider it a success) can be summed up in one word: confidence. I wrote about this after episode one, but this is an Agents of SHIELD that knows what it wants to be. We’re done wandering aimlessly in a luxury airliner … [Read More...]


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Magneto #10 Review! “Old Ghosts”

This book is the little book that could. Right from the beginning I was intrigued as to how well a stand alone Magneto title could possibly do. But month after month, I have been pleasantly surprised to it being a proper comic book. This week’s issue … [Read the Review]


Savage Wolverine #23 Review! “Animal”

As Wolverine’s main line has come to an end, and all fans of Marvel are waiting for the Death of Wolverine to finish up in a few weeks, SAVAGE WOLVERINE is still churning out little glimpses into Logan’s life. This week's issue is a stand alone, and … [Read the Review]

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