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AVENGERS WORLD #19 Review: “Bobby In Charge”

The third part in writer Frank Barbiere’s fill-in-the-holes arc for Avengers World (aptly entitled “Before Time Runs Out”) centers on former New Mutant solar powerhouse, Sunspot. Technically the remaining portion of a two issue spotlight, this week’s … [Read the Review]


UNCANNY INHUMANS #0 Review: “Begin Times!”

Over the past few years, Marvel has released an annual Point One special, a one-shot anthology showcasing various “teasers” of what to expect in the comics throughout the coming year. Having yet to announce one for 2015, this week’s Uncanny Inhumans … [Read the Review]

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The Valiant #4 Review!

What has been billed as “the battle 10,000 years in the making” comes to it’s close in the final issue of the limited series “The Valiant”. Last issue the monstrous entity known as the Immortal Enemy soundly defeated the combined efforts of virtually every hero the Valiant Universe has to offer as Bloodshot ferried off […]

X O Manowar in Dead Hand


Part 2 of the story “Dead Hand” finds the action in full swing a hop, skip and a jump away from Earth in the Alpha Centauri star system as Aric of Dacia – X-O Manowar – is flying in space, trying to outrun a  huge solar flare. He’s racing against time to reach the planet […]

Guardians in Marvel Unlimited

How’s The New Marvel Unlimited Desktop Reader?

Marvel quietly updated their MU desktop reader this past week, after approximately 2 years in a “beta mode” that was pretty clearly designed to test out mobile app functionality. The flash and beta reader options are gone, meaning this is the desktop reader for all MU subscribers. How’s it looking?


NEW AVENGERS #32 Review: “Are You There, Beyonders? It’s Me, Thor!”

For a series touting “Everything Dies” as its mantra since inception, there is some pretty clear intent. However, the make-good on that promise doesn’t ease the blow any – no matter how much it’s projected. After thinning some of the support cast last time, this week writer Jonathan Hickman turns to the Multiversal Avengers, culling […]