Marvel Comics From Civil War to Secret Invasion

There are a whole lotta great comics in between Civil War and Secret Invasion, and I’ve highlighted them all for you below. The below timeline includes Tony Stark’s Initiative following Civil War, as well as some universe wide events like Silent War and World War Hulk. All before driving to Secret Invasion!

I’d highlight a handful of comics that made my best 100 stories of the millennium as well. Check out Spider-Man: Back in Black, Thunderbolts, Immortal Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Nextwave,  and Silver Surfer: Requiem for some personal favorites that were published during this era.

Hulk might be angry

Previously: Civil War

Planet Hulk

Issues: Incredible Hulk #92 to #105

Note: Planet Hulk will take you up to World War Hulk, which is an event included below. Additionally, a number of the series below will hit World War Hulk tie-ins in the middle of the run (typically I will note which issues apply). My recommendation is to read until you approach a WWH tie-in, move on to the next series, rinse and repeat until you hit World War Hulk. You can then return and finish the series.

Iron Man: Director of SHIELD

Issues: #15 to #32

Note that issues #19 and #20 are World War Hulk tie-ins.

Civil War: Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America

Issues: #1 to #5

Captain America

Issues: #26 to #42

Mighty Avengers

Issues: #1 to #11

Avengers: The Initiative

Issues: #1 to #13

WWH tie-ins in issue #4 and #5.

The Order

Issues: #1 to #10

Matt Fraction writes this Initiative tie-in!

Amazing Spider-Man

Issues: #539 to #545

Back in Black through “One More Day.”

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Issues: #17 to #24

One More Day tie-in w/ final issue.

Sensational Spider-Man

Issues: #35 to #41

One More Day tie-in w/ final issue.

New Avengers

Issues: #26 to #37

New Avengers Annual #2


Issues: #110 to #121

Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato put together one of my favorite Marvel series, and one of the most influential bits of continuity for the next 3 years.

Punisher War Journal

Issues: #4 to #23

Punisher #12 is WWH tie-in.

Irredeemable Ant-Man

Issues: #1 to #12

Begins before Civil War, during Wolverine: Enemy of the State. #10 is WWH tie-in

Uncanny X-Men

Issues: #475 to #486

Hey, what’s up with the X-Men? Rise and Fall of the Sh’iar Empire fits reasonably nicely in this time period, although note that you may have already covered those issues during Decimation

Iron Man: Hypervelocity

Issues: #1 to #6


Issues: #1 to #6

Warren Ellis! Salvador Larroca!

Ms. Marvel

Issues: #9 to #24


Issues: #13 to #24

Brian K Vaughn and Adrian Alphona Runaways era ends!


Issues: #25 to #30

Joss Whedon Runaways era begins!

Wonder Man

Issues: #1 to #5

New X-Men

Issues: #33 to #43

White Tiger

Issues: #1 to #6

Wolverine: Origins

Issues: #16 to #32

Agents of Atlas

Issues: #1 to #6

Amazing Spider-Girl

Issues: #1 to #24

Blade #6 to #12

Issues: #6 to #12

New Excalibur

Issues: #16 to #24

Spider-Man: Reign

Issues: #1 to #4

Cable & Deadpool

Issues: #33 to #50


Issues: #90 to #100

Ghost Rider

Issues: #6 to #35

Ghost Rider #12 and #13 are WWH tie-ins. I would say to just go ahead and read the full series once you start Jason Aaron’s run beginning with Ghost Rider #20. If memory serves there is no Secret Invasion crossover.


Issues: #15 to #30

Moon Knight

Issues: #11 to #25


Issues: #50 to #74

Takes you through the ultimate Sabertooth showdown, Jason Aaron’s “Man in the Pit” and “Get Mystique” and the alternate reality “Old Man Logan.”

X-Men: Phoenix Warsong

Issues: #1 to #5


Issues: #10 to #32

Issues #25 to #27 are Messiah CompleX tie-ins.

Heroes For Hire

Issues: #4 to #15

Issues #11 to #15 are WWH tie-ins.

Silent War

Issues: #1 to #6

Mentioned in the Complete Marvel Reading Order main guide, but mentioning again here so it doesn’t get lost.

World War Hulk Prologue

Issues: #1

World War Hulk

Incredible Hercules

Issues: #113 to #116

Note that if you’re looking at the trades, these Hercules issues are packaged alongside the World War Hulk Incredible Hulk tie-ins. Minorly confusing, I know.


Issues: #1 to #9

Uncanny X-Men

Issues: #487 to #491

Takes you right up to Messiah CompleX.

Messiah CompleX


Issues: #200 to #207

Issues #205 to #207 are Messiah CompleX tie-ins. Note that the Messiah CompleX link above will provide the issue by issue event reading order.

Uncanny X-Men

Issues: #495 to #503

X-Men Legacy

Issues: #208 to #219


Issues: #1 to #6


Issues: #1 to #11


Issues: #88 to #115

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

Issues: #1 to #12

You could just as easily read this prior to Civil War, but it occurs to me I haven’t included in the guide yet and this is a top 100 best stories pick with no hesitation.

Immortal Iron Fist

Issues: #1 to #27

Once you begin, if you enjoy (and this is top 100 best story pick), you can just carry on through to the end.

Spider-Man Family

Issues: #1 to #9

Fantastic Four

Issues: #544 to #562

Amazing Spider-Man

Issues: #546 to #573

Amazing Spider-Man started shipping, like, daily after “One More Day,” meaning there are a BOATLOAD of issues to read over a relatively shorter publication timeframe.

Black Panther

Issues: #26 to #38

Omega Flight

Issues: #1 to #5

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four

Issues: #1 to #4


X-Men: First Class

Issues: #1 to #16

Silver Surfer: Requiem

Issues: #1 to #4

New Warriors

Issues: #1 to #13


Issues: #1 to #6



Issues: #1 to #12


Issues: #1 to #15

Nova will inevitably fit better with the Marvel Cosmic reading order.

Annihilation Conquest

Guardians of the Galaxy

Issues: #1 to #3

Pretty quickly swallowed up by Secret Invasion, and definitely fits better with the Marvel Cosmic guide.

Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11

Issues: #1 to #5

Captain America: The Chosen

Issues: #1 to #6

Shanna, The She-Devil: Survival of the Fittest

Issues: #1 to #4

Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin

Issues: #1 to #6

X-Men: Emperor Vulcan

Issues: #1 to #5

Penance: Relentless

Issues: #1 to #5

Omega: The Unknown

Issues: #1 to #10

Howard the Duck

Issues: #1 to #4

Marvel Zombies 2

Issues: #1 to #5

X-Men: Die by the Sword

Issues: #1 to #5

Silver Surfer: In Thy Name

Issues: #1 to #4

Captain Marvel

Issues: #1 to #5


The Twelve

Issues: #1 to #8

New Exiles

Issues: #1 to #18



Issues: #1 to #5


Issues: #1 to #3

The Last Defenders

Issues: #1 to #6

X-Factor: The Quick and The Dead

Issues: #1


Issues: #1 to #12

Invincible Iron Man

Issues: #1 to #6


Angel: Revelations

Issues: #1 to #5

Son of Hulk

Issues: #1 to #6

New Avengers: Illuminati

Issues: #1 to #5

Next: Secret Invasion

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18 Replies to “Marvel Comics From Civil War to Secret Invasion”

  1. For the first time I’m very very confused. I’ve been reading the list religiously for 18months and have just started this portion. Just ready to start iron man #19 to find out it’s a world war hulk issue. I haven’t even read PLANET hulk yet? Can you tell me where that fits in the guide Dave. I’ve completely missed it and I’ve been proud of following you to the letter. Last Incredible Hulk issue I read was #91

    1. Good points! I’ve added Planet Hulk at the top of this list with a note. I thought I had included Planet Hulk earlier, but I guess I just mentioned it and said to wait until now.

  2. Been following your guides religiously for a year now, and have thoroughly enjoyed them! I just finished NewUniversal, and was disappointed that it appears to end after issue 6. Am i missing something, or did the series get cancelled and not attempt to close out the arc? Anyway, thanks a ton for these guides, takes some stress out of trying to figure out what to read!

  3. I’ve been enjoying the big list so much, in large part due to how it follows continuity. Is there any reason this section doesn’t? For example, you have us reading Mighty Avengers through to #11, even though the reveal of Elektra-Skrull happens in New Avengers, and that series only is listed several titles below after going through The Order, The Initiative, and the bulk of Spider-Man continuity for this time period, which really takes the reader out of the Secret War: Infiltration mindframe

    1. Yeah most of these arcs stand-alone, but Mighty Avengers / New Avengers cross over a bit. New Avengers also happens before One More Day in the Spider-man continuity.

      I found going NA 26-32, MA 1-11, NA 33-37 + Annual works fairly well, where MA is in the current list.

  4. Excalibur/Exiles note. A mini series called “X-Men: Die By The Sword” fits nicely just after Excalibur but between issue 99 and 100 of Exiles or 100 won’t make sense 🙂

  5. Just curious as to what’s happening with the Spider-Man titles here. They are out of order concerning the One More Day storyline. Isn’t it The Amazing Spider-Man #544, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24, The Sensational Spider-Man (vol. 2) #41, and then Amazing Spider-Man #545? Here you have ASM #545 be read before any of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man issues. Just curious.

  6. Hi, awesome guide as per usual.

    But I have a small correction, a couple of the very last Wolverine: Origins issues that are listed fairly high on the list cross over with some other X-titles that are posted after Messiah CompleX. It’s the “Original Sin”-story (not the later event).

  7. Forgive me if I’m being stupid but in xmen #200-207 description you state that the messiah complex link above leads to the complete reading order however when I follow it links to the trade paperback on Amazon. Is the reading order just the description on that or is this a mistake?

  8. Quick note – She-Hulk #10-18 should come before Avengers: The Initiative #3 (probably just before 1-3). Events in She-Hulk #18 are referenced in Avengers: The Initiative #3.

  9. I just wanted to start off by saying that i LOVE this reading order you’ve put together. I’ve been going through it for at least 6 months now. I don’t read everything. I pick and choose based on what characters i enjoy.

    So take this as a very small criticism. This section of the list is the first time i’ve had a problem figuring out what to read next. It’s hard to figure out when to read some of the side stories. Like War of Kings. I only see that referenced in the Cosmic Reading order. Should that be read before Secret Invasion?

    And with the Hulk series after WWH, In the world war hulk listing you have AfterSmash but you don’t see it anywhere else. On the After Smash list you have Hulk 1-6 but you don’t show issues 7-9 that are referenced on the Main list.

    I’m not sure if any of this needs to be fixed. I just found it really confusing. Thank you for taking the time to put a list like this together!

    I don’t really trust Marvel Unlimited. They’ve had a lot of problems putting issues in the correct reading order.

  10. I’m pretty sure Old Man Logan doesn’t conclude in the pages of Wolverine, but instead in the “Wolverine: Old Man Logan” or “Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant-size”. IIRC they kept slipping the release of Old Man Logan’s conclusion so Marvel continued with Wolverine #73. A few months later (or what felt like an eternity to my buddy and I back then) The special finally concluded the story.

  11. So I was so confused with starting marvel (still am), so confused that I started reading DC (new 52). What’s the best place to start win marvel? I can’t read through all of your order, like from the start, is this a good starting place? I read civil war with tie ins from your list, now I’m thinking of continuing from here, is it good? Is avengers vs X men a good place to start? I start from there and keep reading? What’s the best place? I also want to know as much about characters as possible, but I can’t read a lot. So, where do I start? DC has new 52, what about marvel? I JUST WANT TO START 😛
    Also, Dave. Man, I love your posts, keep up the good work!

    1. Your best options are to start at the first reading list for marvel he has which starts just before the Marvel Knights era (1998-2000).

      I think this section is a great place to start as well if you are familiar with the major events that occurred during civil war.

  12. I would consider moving Thor up the list to be in front of the Hulk Run post WWH. Since this will explain how Thor is back before he shows up in Hulk.

  13. Hi, it looks like X-Men #188-199 aren’t in any of these reading lists (Comics getting you from House of M to Civil War has up to #187, and this list starts at #200 in Messiah CompleX).
    Was that intentional? Looks like Bachalo art, which I love. And it would have been good background for the Cable & Deadpool where Cable shows back up with a team of X-Men, seemingly in the middle of an adventure (which the issue concludes by stating will finish in X-Men #199).

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