Convincible #6: Invincible #91 to something, but not the end, thanks Zack

Dave is still reading Invincible. Zack thinks it stinks. Charlotte hates to watch Dads fight.

This is Convincible, where we try to convince each other whether Invincible is one of the best or worst superhero comics of all time.

This episode, a major sea change happens in our argument about the comic.

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On Convincible #6 we read:

Invincible Vol. 17: What’s Happening? Invincible #91–96
Invincible Vol. 18: The Death of Everyone Invincible #97–102
Invincible Vol. 19: The War at Home Invincible #103–108
Invincible Vol. 20: Friends Invincible #109–114

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