Year End Recap! Every Marvel Hero, Villain, and Issue of the Year from 1961 to 1999!

Comic Book Herald’s My Marvelous Year reading club took on a challenge this year that would make the Impossible Man proud: We read through the top 10 storylines from Marvel Comics for every single publication year from 1961 through 1999! 

Marvel's the Impossible Man
Someone say Impossible?

The reading lists grew in both size, depth, and clones, but the My Marvelous Year club prevailed, signaling Excelsior into that good night, and simultaneously voting on the hero, villain, issue, writer, and artist of the year.

As a result, we suddenly have both the world’s most educated crew of Marvel readers this side of Marvel editorial (*insert snide aside here*), as well as a complete collection of inarguable polling data for Marvel MVPs for the complete 20th century!

Below you’ll find a list of all the voting results, and the all-time winners for heavy-weight champions of the Marvel Universe.

If this sounds like fun, we’ll be continuing the journey into Marvel Comics from the 2000’s during 2017, with a new reading list for each year every month.

You can sign up here right now!

Otherwise, check out all the winners below. As always, you can get started checking out all the voting results, discussions, and reading lists for yourself at the My Marvelous Year hub.


Marvel’s All-Time Hall of Fame Hero of The Year (20th Century)

After 38 years of votes, the all time 1960’s through 1990’s Marvel Hero of the Year came down to Spider-Man vs. the X-Men.

Spider-Man got off to a much faster start than the X-Men, winning four Hero of the Year awards in the 60’s, before finally slowing down after 1970. Following the launch of Giant Size X-Men #1 in 1975, the X-Men went on a tear, winning 4 of 5 Hero of the Year awards from 1976 to 1980.

Spider-Man steadily regained the edge, though, winning a Hero of the Year during the Kraven’s Last Hunt year of 1987 and David Michilinie and Todd McFarlane’s work on the character in 1989.

The X-Men made a late run at the title with Hero of the Year wins during the Age of Apocalypse and Onslaught Saga in 1995 and 1996, but ultimately that leaves the final tally at Spider-Man 7, X-men 6.

If you really get into the voting results below, you could make a case below that if you count offshoots, Spider-Man and the X-Men kinda sorta tied. Ben Reilly’s shocking win in 1994 and Wolverine and Deadpool each earned a solo title in the 1990’s would even the series at 8 a piece. Nonetheless, by my count, our final victor is Spider-Man.

Honorable mentions go to an all too appropriate four wins for the Fantastic Four, three Frank Miller Daredevil wins in the 1980’s, and the aforementioned Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider) for our official most unexpected Hero of the Year.

Doctor Doom Jet Pack
Of course Doom has a jet pack in his intro!

Marvel’s All-Time Hall of Fame Villain of The Year (20th Century)

Speaking of Victors, there was only ever one possible winner for our all-time villain of the year, although Thanos the mad Titan certain proved a worthy adversary.

Doctor Doom won seven total Villain of the Year titles, beating out the five won by Thanos and reigning supreme as the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe. As always, all hail Doom!

My Marvelous Year: The 1960’s

Hero of the Year Villain of the Year Issue of the Year
1962 The Fantastic Four Doctor Doom Fantastic Four #5
1963 Spider-Man Doctor Octopus Uncanny X-Men #1
1964 Spider-Man Doctor Doom Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
1965 The Fantastic Four Juggernaut Uncanny X-Men #12
1966 Spider-Man Galactus Amazing Spider-Man #33
1967 Spider-Man Doctor Doom Amazing Spider-Man #50
1968 Silver Surfer Ultron Avengers #58
1969 Captain America Red Skull Captain America #113

My Marvelous Year: The 1970’s

Hero of the Year Villain of the Year Issue of the Year
1970 Spider-Man Mephisto Amazing Spider-Man #90
1971 The Avengers Morbius Amazing Spider-Man #100
1972 The Avengers The Sentinels Avengers #104
1973 Captain Marvel Green Goblin Amazing Spider-Man #121
1974 Captain Marvel Thanos Captain Marvel #33
1975 Adam Warlock Thanos Giant-Size X-Men #1
1976 X-Men Bullseye Uncanny X-Men #101
1977 X-Men Thanos Marvel Preview #11
1978 The Avengers Korvac Fantastic Four #200
1979 X-Men Proteus Iron Man #128

My Marvelous Year: The 1980’s

Hero of the Year Villain of the Year Issue of the Year
1980 X-Men Dark Phoenix Uncanny X-Men #137
1981 Daredevil Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Fantastic Four #236
1982 Daredevil Bullseye X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills (Graphic Novel)
1983 Fantastic Four Doctor Doom Daredevil #190
1984 Fantastic Four Doctor Doom Secret Wars #12
1985 Thor Surtur Thor #353
1986 Daredevil Kingpin Daredevil #230
1987 Spider-Man Kraven the Hunter Thor #380
1988 Iron Man Venom Amazing Spider-Man #300
1989 Spider-Man Doctor Doom Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph & Torment

My Marvelous Year: The 1990’s

Hero of the Year Villain of the Year Issue of the Year
1990 Silver Surfer Thanos Thanos Quest #1
1991 Wolverine Thanos Infinity Gauntlet #4
1992 Hulk Carnage Future Imperfect #1 & #2
1993 Hulk Carnage Spectacular Spider-Man #200
1994 Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider) French-American accents in comics Marvels #3
1995 X-Men Apocalypse Amazing Spider-Man #400
1996 X-Men Onslaught Onslaught: Marvel Universe #1
1997 Deadpool Doctor Doom Deadpool #11
1998 Inhumans Ajax Avengers #1
1999 Inhumans Ultron Earth X (whole thing)

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    1. Insufficient voting data! Lots of people trailed off through the 90’s…

      Technically if I’d gone by the limited sample size the Inhumans would have won Hero of the Decade. But that was obviously big time recency bias and doesn’t really ring true in any way to me. Perhaps I’ll declare Doom-like power and make my own picks someday, but honestly I don’t even know how I’d vote. Very scattered decade.

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