Thor: The Death of Odin (36-43) Review

Dan Jurgen’s early 2000′s run on Thor. Full review to come. Keep reading for the Comic Book Herald overview.

Comic Book Run: Thor: The Death of Odin

Publication Dates: Jun 2001 – Jan 2002

Writer: Dan Jurgens  Artist: Stuart Immonen

CBH Score:

Continuity Relevance?: Yes.

Who Needs It?:


5 Replies to “Thor: The Death of Odin (36-43) Review”

  1. Hey Dave,

    I love this reading order, it’s gotten me into comics for the first time. I’ve read all but two trades listed here up through Thor: Son of Asgard, and I’m certainly going to keep going, but the listing of Infinity Abyss gives me pause. The amazon description seems to say that it follows the Infinity Crisis event – should I go through the entirety of your Thanos reading order before reading the Infinity Abyss? Even if it isn’t mandatory, I probably will anyways – I would just like to know how it fits into the larger picture. Thank you!

  2. Is there any specific reason you know of that this story was cut off at #43? I feel like #44 would be a more satisfying conclusion (but I won’t specify, in the interest of keeping it spoiler-free) before the next arc picks up in issue #45.

  3. Great guide, I like it! Thank you for your amazing work!

    But here is one thing that I want to notice. When I started reading this part of the order about Thor, well, I didn’t understand anything what was going on in this TPB and I decided to read this volume from first issue. After that all events in TPB became understandable, so I highly recommend to do the same thing to all readers, besides, there is a very good story in this volume.

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