Guide Part 5 (Decimation)

The World of X Gets Decimated

As if life wasn’t hard enough being a mutant, the events of House of M change what it means to be unique forever (or at least until later in the decade). The Decimation series of trades focuses on the House of M fallout in the mutant community. With the exception of Son of M, which features slightly broader Marvel universe horizons, the collection of trade comics below is very X-Men/Kids/Women/Pets heavy. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, and you couldn’t wait to get through House of M, jump on ahead towards Civil War.

Otherwise, enjoy the uphill battle facing Marvel’s mutants below!

Previously: House of M & Tie-Ins

Decimation Trade Reading Timeline

Issue by Issue Decimation Reading Order

Decimation: House of M: The Day After #1

Sentinel Squad #1-5

New X-Men #20

Mutopia X #5

X-Men #177-179

New X-Men #21-23

X-Men #180-181

Son of M #1-6

X-Men: The 198 #1-5

Generation M #1-5

X-Factor #1-6

X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1-6

Uncanny X-Men: Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire (#475 – #486)

X-Men: Endangered Species

Next: Comics Getting You From House of M to Civil WarCivil War & Tie-Ins

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30 Replies to “Guide Part 5 (Decimation)”

  1. Are you going to include an reading order for this one, similar to the other ones? I am going through these right now and really want them. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hi,

    been looking at the guide, and it’s pretty straight forward to follow, except this one: am I supposed to be reading these right after your House of M reading guide? Or do I go through “Between House of M and CIvil War” first? Is one included in the other?

  3. I know its not completely a decimation tie in, but you should add the optional reading order of uncanny x-men #475-486. Just to explain Xavier regaining his powers. It’s confusing to jump straight to endangered species from deadly genesis #5 where xavier is human and then using telepathy in endangered. Just a thought thanks

  4. Dave,
    Fantastic website! Would like to know if I can go straight to Messiah complex after decimation, or should I pick up the civil war storyline and other books before reading it?

  5. Man, just finished Rise and fall of the shi’ar empire and it was SO good, I really REALLY liked it, just my cup of tea I guess. Where do I find the rest of that story?
    Also, I’m going to start Endangered Species on Unlimited but there’s both the one-shot and the 17 back-up stories. Which comes first?
    As usual, thanks for the amazing guide, I would be lost without it.

    1. I was also wondering this on whether or not we need to read the back up stories and if so do we read those prior to the main endangered species one shot? Thanks for the amazing guides and awesome work 🙂

      1. I ended up following the trade order (the one shot first, then the back up stories) and it turned out it was the right one. The one shot is some sort of introduction while the back up stories are the meatiest part of the series, so no sense in skipping them. It’s a good story, especially if you like Beast and villains I guess. If you’re antsy to go forward with the reading guide you can also skip it however, it’s not strictly fundamental canon-wise imho.

  6. Your blog is awesome! I have to say that if I had not found your guides when I first tried out Marvel Unlimited last summer, I might not have stuck with MU. Having quit collecting comics in the late 90’s, going back and reading these series that you highlight has been a lot of fun so far.

    One note on this one, In your house of M guide we stop Uncanny X-Men at 465, and then in this one it starts with 475. So you would jump from Polaris having no powers to her having them in 475. Considering the Apocalypse story fits neatly in between these to Tie-In series, it might be worth noting them as optional connecting issues here in this guide.

  7. Is there a follow up trade to Son of M? It seems like it ends with a lot of unresolved issues. The Inhumans have given given the impression they intend on fighting to see their crystals returned. We’re not quite sure what is to become of Pietro. The story seems far from over.

  8. Hi! So recently I have read Avengers Disassembled and House of M, and right now I am really curious to continue reading Decimation. The thing is,

  9. Hi!

    So recently I have read Avengers Disassembled & House of M and I enjoy them very much, thanks to your guide. Right now I am really curious to continue reading on Decimation and a friend of mine suggested a few websites that provide reading order for Decimation. I checked on those websites to look for the best and the most accurate one. The thing is I’ve noticed that each of them, including the reading order that you have provided here, are different from each other. What do you think about it? Is it okay to just read them with any reading order?

    Thank you so much!

    1. He has two reading orders. One based on time line the other based on publication. I stumbled upon disassembled , house of m, and other comic events based on the direction marvel unlimited has guided me…with a small glance at Wikipedia as my guide. I still prefer to follow the way I discovered….the publication order. However, I like that he has taken the time to post the time line reading order for reference. But it makes me feel like I am forgetting to read stuff and get side tracked. I just stick with reading as I discover it while staying within the cosmic event.

  10. Hi Dave,
    Could you clear up a little confusion for me.
    The Backup issues for Endangered Species skip 14 issues of X-factor and 17 issues of New x-Men. Are they irrelevant for continuity?
    And how first X-Men vol2 in your guides. Can’t remember to have read an issue of that.

  11. I LOVE YOU, I’m not sure if i would have ever brought myself to get back into comics in a heavy way if it wasn’t for your extremely accessible website.

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