Guide Part 2 (Disassembled)

Avengers Disassembled Changes Everything

The above, of course, rings true for just about every Marvel solicit ever. THIS COMIC WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! It’s understandable as a sales pitch, but there are few instances were it’s actually true.

With Avengers Disassembled? They really weren’t kidding.

It’s not just the action within the pages of Avengers Disassembled either, although there’s some good, even great drama here. No, more than anything Avengers Disassembled kicks off the event-centric Marvel of the 2000’s. You’ll find plenty of detractors, but for my money the level of universe-coordination and sense that these comics are building to something HUGE are part of what makes 2000-era Marvel Comics so enjoyable.

And it all really starts here with Avengers Disassembled. We don’t get to Civil War, or Secret Invasion, or House of M without the trials faced here by the likes of Captain America, Iron Man and company.

So, without further ado, here is my suggested reading order for Avengers Disassembled and assorted tie-ins, along with Marvel Digital Comics suggested issue-by-issue reading order. Enjoy!

Previously: Marvel Knights Reading Order

Avengers Disassembled Trade Reading Timeline

  •  Thor (80-85)
  • Avengers Disassembled
  • Iron Man: Disassembled (84-89)
  • Captain America: Disassembled (Collects Captain America 29-32 and Captain America & The Falcon 5-7)
    • A couple notes here: 1) The events of the Iron Man and Captain America trades begin before Avengers Disassembled, but run concurrent with the major event eventually. I read the individual tie-ins after reading Avengers Disassembled as a whole and enjoyed them fine that way. If you’re worried about issue-by-issue overlap, I suggest stopping according to the order posted below. 2) Although they are sold separately, I much prefer the Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man Disassembled collection. It’s a nice trade, and honestly a better bargain.
  • Fantastic Four (517-519)
    • Spectacular Spider-Man (15-19)
    • This one gets the slightly less essential indent because it’s not much of a tie-in at all. This is really just an average Spectacular Spider-Man story with a cameo by Captain America. Nonetheless, Marvel insists the trade is Spectacular Spider-Man: Disassembled so have at it.

The Official Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Event Reading Order

  • Thor #80
  • Thor #81
  • Thor #82
  • Thor #83
  • Thor #84
  • Thor #85
  • Iron Man #84
  • Iron Man #85
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #15
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #16
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #17
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #18
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #19
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #20
  • Captain America & The Falcon #5
  • Captain America & The Falcon #6
  • Captain America & The Falcon #7
  • Captain America #29
  • Avengers #500
  • Iron Man #86
  • Avengers #501
  • Avengers #502
  • Captain America #30
  • Captain America #31
  • Captain America #32
  • Avengers #503
  • Iron Man #87
  • Iron Man #88
  • Iron Man #89
  • Avengers Finale #1
  • Fantastic Four #517
  • Fantastic Four #518
  • Fantastic Four #519
    • Issue #519 marks the conclusion of the (very loosely) tied-in Disassembled story. Nonetheless, it’s pretty much smack dab in the middle of a story that continues through Fantastic Four #524. These issues are included in the next order, but if you’re enjoying, now is just as good a time to read!
  • Excalibur #8
    • I cannot in any way endorse this run on Excalibur, but it does set up some future X-Men/Avengers events. If you’re extremely invested in full continuity, and also really want to know what the heck happened after the end of New X-Men, you can click here for the Excalibur trade

Next: Getting from Avengers Disassembled to House of M or House of M & Tie-Ins

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35 Replies to “Guide Part 2 (Disassembled)”

  1. When i boot up my marvel unlimited app, and BROWSE and then COMIC EVENT, they have a different viewing order oppose to yours `The Official Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Event Reading Order“

    ex) Thor 80, Iron man 84, then spectacular…..

    Love ur guides!

    1. This is fairly typical of the Marvel Unlimited app – their guides are generally based on publication date, which does not necessarily reflect a chronological reading order. I try to provide a more coherent story with my lists. Hence the difference 🙂

      Glad you enjoy!

    1. That’s the collected version I’m familiar with too. Looks like there are some non-Amazon sellers offering that collection if you’re willing to go rogue 🙂

      Highly recommend Marvel Unlimited for this story (and many more) as well. Ultimately the best value in my opinion.

  2. Hi! When I think about Marvel and my Unlimited. I GET SO EXCITED CAN’T HOLD MY BREATH AND I WANT TO READ ALL THE COMICS AT THE SAME TIME. Specially, all the marvel events, begining with Dissasembled, obviously. There’s good material on your part 1.but I’m very impatient. Idon’t know if it’s a very dangerous leap of faith or not jumping to this.

  3. Great list! I’m working my way through it now, with all tie-ins included to avoid overlap. Having a little trouble with the continuity though. In Cap 29-32 and Cap and Falcon 5-7, everyone is unraveling the mystery of who killed Captain America. But in between all of that, you have listed Avengers 500-502 where Cap is alive and well. I haven’t finished yet, but is there something else in between I’m missing. As it sits now, I am going back and forth between dead and alive Captain America.

  4. At the end of the post you’ve wrote this: “Next: Getting from Avengers Disassembled to Houese of M” I haven’t heard of that event 😛

  5. I don’t think anyone has mentioned this yet.

    But Captain America & The Falcon is awful.

    It’s also not pivotal to the Disassembled storyline.

    I’m an intense completest but there is no fucking way I can recommend that run to anybody.

  6. Two remarks on the “The Official Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Event Reading Order”:
    1. Captain America #30-32 should be read after Avengers #503.
    2. I think it makes more sense to read Captain America #29 before Captain America & The Falcon, but it is only my opinion.

    In addition, I did not see the connection between the main story line and Fantastic Four #517-519. I also agree with the above comment by Tommy Munch regarding the Captain America & The Falcon story.

  7. So Fantastic Four 519…ends right in the middle of a story. How could you stop there? Either don’t read them at all or keep going. I don’t know where a stopping point is yet, though.

  8. I would recommend holding off on New Avengers #15 until after HoM because Carol references how she felt during it, and then the reveal of the new team is riding on the aftermath of that series.

  9. Just wondering where the incredible hulk fits into all of this. I noticed you didn’t include Planet Hulk in this reading order, and eventually move on to world War hulk. Is not essential to read any hulk issues to move forward with the continuity, or am I missing something?

    1. I second this I was reading up on all of this and I was surprised that the Planet Hulk or Incredible Hulk wasn’t included.

      Did he quit the Avengers or was he the one who they thought died?

      Sorry didn’t read the comics yet.

  10. I started using your guide, and it’s amazing….the readng experience is so much fun now…Marvel’s read order is messed up, it’s like the release date based order don’t fit well.
    anyway, thank you a lot… sorry, for the bad english, it’s not my native language

  11. Just want to clarify before I pull the trigger and begin this long journey of tracking down all the books related to the Civil War, I should buy the Thor, Cap, Iron Man collection as well as the Avengers Disassembled book, then read the Thor and Cap parts, then switch over to Disassembled, then back to the trade for the Iron man part. Am I reading that right? Thanks for your help! Can’t wait to begin this big ol collection, and your guides are going to be my bible!

    1. Pretty much, but I’d read the Cap trade w/ Iron Man. Thor before Avengers Disassembled as a full event. If you want more precision, I recommend the issue by issue guide. Enjoy!

  12. Quick question: why is it that in the second reading order, the avengers disassembled comics arent included at all? Is avengers disassembled just a compilation of the comics that were mentioned?

    1. There’s no separate comic book actually titled ‘Avengers Disassembled.’ The primary Avengers Disassembled stories are found within the issues of Avengers listed in issue by issue reading order. The ‘Avengers Disassembled’ collection in the first reading order collects these issues of Avengers.

      Enjoy the comics!

  13. Hi Comic Book Herald Community,

    I have created a fun way to track your progress through this list if you are interested:

    Simply copy the board and all it’s card to use it for you own comic reading checklist/journal. You can comment on each series to remember things about story or makes notes to yourself. The cards can be dragged between the different lists.


  14. whats the difference between the Trade reading order and the Marvel Unlimited reading order? im reading the Trade order currently, using the Marvel Unlimited sub I have… is that ok?

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