Guide Part 10 (WWH – Aftersmash)

After the Hulk Smash

One of the more fascinating aspects of World War Hulk, a personal favorite modern Marvel event, is that the post-event cleanup actually delivers a number of very interesting story developments and new series. While it would be easy to walk away from World War Hulk and feel that the Hulk’s rage war is concluded, there’s still plenty more to spiral out of those pages here in Aftersmash.

Of particular note below, you’ll find the start of a truly Incredible Hercules ongoing, taking the place of “The Incredible Hulk” as Marvel’s apparently lone Incredible comic. Likewise, the lean green rage machine is relaunched purely as “Hulk” which begins the ongoing saga of The Red Hulk.

To be honest, the world Hulk(s) gets pretty crazy after World War Hulk. Keeping up with Aftersmash will give you a chance to get a feel for all the Gamma-goodness to come.

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Issue by Issue World War Hulk: Aftersmash Reading List

World War Hulk Aftersmash
World War Hulk – Damage Control 1
World War Hulk – Damage Control 2
World War Hulk – Damage Control 3
Incredible Hercules 112
Incredible Hercules 113
Incredible Hercules 114
Incredible Hercules 115

Hulk vs. Hercules: When Titans Collide #1
World War Hulk – Warbound 1
World War Hulk – Warbound 2
World War Hulk – Warbound 3
World War Hulk – Warbound 4
World War Hulk – Warbound 5
Hulk 1
Hulk 2
Hulk 3
Hulk 4
Hulk 5
Hulk 6
Planet Skaar Prologue
Skaar – Son of Hulk 11
Skaar – Son of Hulk 12
Incredible Hulks 600
Incredible Hulks 601
What If .. Featuring Planet Hulk

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6 Replies to “Guide Part 10 (WWH – Aftersmash)”

  1. Hey there! First off, great job on the reading order, it’s been proving very useful. I’m currently reading WWH, but I’d like to know where Fall of the Hulks fits. Is it after Secret Invasion? And is it actually worth reading?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Had some interesting times trying to find these on Marvel Unlimited….
    For some reason Damage Control 3 is actually listed as “World War Hulk: Aftersmash! – Warbound”

    Warbound 4 and 5 don’t seem to be present, although they could also be listed badly and I’ll never know…

  3. Hi… Before Planet Skaar Prologue, U Said Hulk 1 To 6, I Want To Know Which One U R Talking About Plz, Is It Savage Hulk Mini Series?

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