The Best Deadpool Comics To Start With!

As you may have heard, Deadpool is starring in his very own rom-com this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Naturally, this is a great time to start reading romantic Deadpool comics! I have put together a list of the 10 best places to start, as well as a full Deadpool reading order for all to enjoy!

The 10 Best Deadpool Comics To Start With!

  1. Deadpool – The Joe Kelly Run
  2. Cable & Deadpool
  3. Deadpool – The Daniel Way Run
  4. Uncanny X-Force – The Rick Remender Run
  5. Deadpool MAX
  6. Deadpool (Marvel NOW!) – The Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn run
  7. Deadpool: Classics Killustrated
  8. Deadpool Kills Deadpool
  9. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe
  10. Night of the Living Deadpool

I also cannot recommend highly enough Deadpool the Video Game. It’s an absolute blast, and actually serves as a perfect visual introduction to the character. Deadpool the video game actually helped me enjoy the comics more, and has set enormous expectations for what the character can do on screen.

And finally, if you want every single Deadpool comic in chronological order, check out the Deadpool reading order!

One Reply to “The Best Deadpool Comics To Start With!”

  1. Thanks for the list! I would personally replace Way’s run with Simone’s Deadpool/Agent X run. Way went far too over the top for my tastes, was rarely funny in my opinion, and honestly nothing in the entire run can’t be skipped without missing anything. On the other hand, Simone, primarily through the introduction of Alex Haden and the formation of Agent X Enterprises, really set up a lot of what Cable and Deadpool later explored with Deadpool.

    Note: if these are intended to be in reading order, then Bunn’s Deadpool Killogy is out of order. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe was first, followed by Killustrated, and then Kills Deadpool. Also of note, since you have Night of the Living Deadpool on here you may wish to include the superior sequel, Return of the Living Deadpool.

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