Teen Titans Reading Order

DC’s Teen Titans is one of the better ideas in superhero comics, and one rival Marvel Comics has never been able to emulate particularly well. The sidekicks of the DCU all get together to form their own band of heroes. Teen Titans, Go Teen Titans!

While the Teen Titans started with the core sidekicks like Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Speedy, the team has undergone tremendous progress as the DC Universe has evolved. Likewise, as heroes like Dick Grayson have progressed from Robin to Nightwing, their involvement with various Teen Titans monikers has progressed to simply Titans, or other groups altogether.

Below you’ll find a complete guide to Teen Titans comics in the DC universe, including offshoot groups like Young Justice, Outsiders, and of course, the Titans.

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Teen Titans Comics Reading Order

Teen Titans Bronze Age DC Comics

Bronze Age Teen Titans Comics

Showcase Presents: Teen Titans, Vol. 1

Collects: Brave And The Bold #54, 60, Showcase #59, And Teen Titans #1-18

The earliest collection of the original Teen Titans, starring Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Speedy, and Kid Flash.

Teen Titans: The Bronze Age Omnibus

Collects: Teen Titans #25-52; The Brave And The Bold #94, #102, #149; Batman Family #6 And World’s Finest Comics #205

Robin’s bronze age (1970’s) team-ups with the likes of Aqualad, Kid Flash, Speedy and Wonder Girl. The first issues in the series (which officially begins in 1966) can be found here.

New Teen Titans Wolfman Perez

Marv Wolfman and George Perez Teen Titans Comics

Entering the 1980s, creators Marv Wolfman and George Perez revolutionized the Teen Titans with DC’s answer to the Chris Claremont era of Uncanny X-Men.

New Teen Titans adds many of the Titans we know as core members of the team today, including Cyborg, Raven, and archenemy Deathstroke.

This era of New Teen Titans is also were you’ll get iconic stories since as “The Judas Contract.”

The New Teen Titans, Vol. 1

Collects: New Teen Titans #1 To #8

New Teen Titans Vol. 2

Collects: New Teen Titans #9-16

New Teen Titans Vol. 3

Collects: The New Teen Titans #21-27, The New Teen Titans Annual #1

New Teen Titans Vol. 4

Collects: New Teen Titans #17-20 And Tales Of The New Teen Titans #1-4

New Teen Titans Vol. 5

Collects: New Teen Titans #28-34, The New Teen Titans Annual #2

New Teen Titans Vol. 6

Collects: New Teen Titans #35 To #41, Batman And The Outsiders #5

New Teen Titans Vol. 7

Collects: The New Teen Titans #39 And #40, Tales Of The Teen Titans #41-44 And Annual #3

The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3

Collects: Tales Of The Teen Titans #45 To #61, New Teen Titans #38, New Teen Titans #1 To #6, Secret Origins Annual #3

There are currently three, relatively new New Teen Titans omnibus editions available from DC Comics.

Young Justice by Peter David

1990’s Young Justice and Titans

Young Justice Book One

Collects: Young Justice: The Secret, Jla: World Without Grown-Ups #1-2, Young Justice #1-7, Young Justice: Secret Files #1

Young Justice (launched by Peter David and Todd Nauck, and finally getting the reproduced collections it deserves) launched in 1998, and essentially functions as Tim Drake’s late 90’s version of the Teen Titans.

As many recent comic book fans will know, Young Justice is also one of the better animated universe cartoons of the 2000’s, and the framework for much of the show can be found in the comics here.

The Titans

Collects: The Titans #1 to #50

From 1999 to 2003, the artists formerly known as the Teen Titans (now all grown up) rebrand as The Titans (not gonna lie, that’s way cooler), as Young Justice takes the teen superhero slot in town.

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns Teen Titans & Judd Winick Outsiders Comics

Teen Titans Vol. 1: A Kid’s Game

Collects: Teen Titans #1 To #6

Geoff Johns has been the biggest creative name in DC Comics for much of the 2000’s, with formative runs on Flash, Green Lantern, and the New 52 Justice League. His mid-2000s run on Teen Titans begins here.

Outsiders VOL 01: Looking for Trouble

Collects: Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files #1, Outsiders #1 to #6

Nightwing finds himself leading yet another team, this time with an Outsiders run by Judd Winick that would continue through the mid 2000’s.

As the name implies, Outsiders fall outside the core Teen Titans narrative, aside from the connection to Dick Grayson and the eventual crossover between both series.

Outsiders VOL 02: Sum of All Evil

Collects: Outsiders #7 to #15

Teen Titans Vol. 2: Family Lost 

Collects: Teen Titans #7 To #12

Outsiders VOL 03: Wanted

Collects: Outsiders #16 to #23

Includes a Batman Identity Crisis tie-in story.

Teen Titans Vol. 3: Beast Boys and Girls

Collects: Beast Boy #1 To #3, Teen Titans #13 To #15

Teen Titans Vol. 4: The Future is Now

Collects: Teen Titans #16 To #23, Titans/Legion Special #1

Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders

Collects: Teen Titans #24-26 And Outsiders #24, 25 And 28

Outsiders VOL 04: Crisis Intervention

Collects: Outsiders #29 to #33

Teen Titans Vol. 5: Life and Death

Collects: Teen Titans #29-33, Teen Titans Annual #1 And Robin #146-147

Infinite Crisis comics

Teen Titans From Infinite Crisis to the New 52

Infinite Crisis

DC’s Infinite Crisis event includes major developments for much of the DC Universe, but is particularly hard hitting on Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing!

Outsiders: The Good Fight

Collects: Outsiders #34 to #41

Teen Titans, Vol. 6: Titans Around the World

Collects: Teen Titans #34 To #41

Part of the “One Year Later” DC chronology after Infinite Crisis.

Outsiders VOL 06: Pay as You Go

Collects: Outsiders #42 to #46, Outsiders Annual #1

Teen Titans, Vol. 7: Titans East 

Collects: Teen Titans #42 To #49

Outsiders/Checkmate: Checkout

Collects: Checkmate #13-15, Outsiders #47-49

Crossover with Greg Rucka’s run on Checkmate.

Teen Titans: Titans of Tomorrow

Collects: Teen Titans #50-54

Teen Titans: On the Clock

Collects: Teen Titans #55 to #61

Titans: Old Friends

Collects: Titans #1 to #6, Teen Titans East Special #1

Judd Winick follows up his run on the Nightwing led Outsiders with a relaunched Titans, starring Nightwing, Starfire, Donna Troy, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and more.

Teen Titans: Changing of the Guard

Collects: Teen Titans #62 to #69

Titans: Lockdown

Collects: Titans #7 to #11

Titans: Deathtrap

Collects: Teen Titans Annual #2, Teen Titans #70, Titans #12 to #13, Vigilante #5 to #6

Teen Titans: Child’s Play

Collects: Teen Titans #71 to #78

Titans Vol 03 Fractured

Collects: Titans #14, #16 to #22

Teen Titans: The Hunt for Raven

Collects: Teen Titans #79 to #87

Teen Titans: Team Building

Collects: Teen Titans #88 to #92, Red Robin #20, Wonder Girl #1

The Teen Titans try out Damian Wayne for the team (hint: he’s not your father’s Titans material).

Teen Titans: Prime of Life

Collects: Teen Titans #93 to #100

Teen Titans DC New 52

New 52 Teen Titans Comics

In 2011, the DC Universe rebooted into refreshed versions of all characters, including the Teen Titans.

You can see the new look Teen Titans in the context of the full DC Universe as part of Comic Book Herald’s New 52 reading order.

Teen Titans, Vol. 1: It’s Our Right to Fight

Collects: Teen Titans #1 To #7

Tim Drake stars in Teen Titans as Red Robin.

Teen Titans Vol. 2: The Culling

Collects: Teen Titans #8-12, #0 And Dc Comics Presents #12

Teen Titans Vol. 3: Death of the Family

Collects: Teen Titans #14 To #20

The third volume of collected New 52 Teen Titans features tie-ins to the Bat-family event “Death of the Family,” which is detailed in full in the Batman reading order.

Teen Titans Vol. 4: Light and Dark

Collects: Teen Titans #18 To #23

Teen Titans Vol. 5: The Trial of Kid Flash

Collects: Teen Titans #24-30 And Teen Titans Annual #2-3

Forever Evil

Teen Titans Vol. 1: Blinded by the Light

Collects: Teen Titans #1 To #7

New 52 Teen Titans reboot with a new #1 and a creative team of Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort.

Teen Titans Vol. 2: Rogue Targets

Collects: Teen Titans #8-13, Teen Titans Annual #1

Robin War

Collects: Robin War #1-2, Robin: Son Of Batman #7, Grayson #15, Detective Comics #47, We Are Robin #7, Gotham Academy #13, Red Hood/Arsenal #7 And Teen Titans #15

Robin War Reading Order:

Robin War #1

Grayson #15

Detective Comics #47

We Are Robin #7

Red Hood / Arsenal #7

Robin: Son of Batman #7

Gotham Academy #13

Teen Titans #15

Robin War #2

Robin: Son of Batman #8

Teen Titans Vol. 3: The Sum of It’s Parts

Collects: Teen Titans #14 To #19

Teen Titans Vol. 4: When Titans Fall

Collects: Teen Titans #20-24, Teen Titans Annual #2

DC Rebirth Joker comics

DC Rebirth Teen Titans Comics

To see how all the Robins fit in the context of the DC Rebirth Universe, you can enjoy Comic Book Herald’s complete DC Rebirth reading order.

Titans Hunt

Collects:  Titans Hunt #1-8, Dc Comics Presents: Titans Hunt 100-Page Super Spectacular

Titans Vol. 1: The Return of Wally West

Collects: Titans #1-6 And Titans: Rebirth #1

Teen Titans Vol. 1: Damian Knows Best

Collects: Teen Titans #1-6 And Teen Titans: Rebirth #1


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