The Best All Ages Comics For Kids

Bad Boys 2 Not For Kids

Bad Boys 2. I’m ten years old, and she hands me a DVD of Bad Boys 2.

My aunt isn’t necessarily the most age appropriate gift-giver. One time for my brother’s 12th Birthday, she gave him a package containing 2nd-grade learning trivia cards. I think my brother’s a bone-head, but that’s a BIG four grade miss, even for his limited intellectual capacity.

So it should come as no surprise that for Christmas as a 10 year old, my aunt handed me a DVD of the R-rated, Martin Lawrence starring, Bad Boys 2. At 10, my mom wouldn’t let me watch Batman & Robin (in retrospect, this was a godsend. I may have grown up hating Batman, Robin, and movies in general). Yet here I am with a disc full of cusswords, sex, guns, and who knows what else. Just think of the pot weed! And my innocent little (yet surprisingly accomplished) mind!

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