Fantastic Four Review – We Loved It! (haha relax, Jk)

Dammit Doom

You might have heard all of the criticism, you might have seen the movie, and you might have noticed that the movie only made $28.2 million in its first box office weekend. In anticipation for a review, I decided to ignore all of that and go in the movie with an unbiased mindset. What did I think? Well, here’s the review. Continue reading “Fantastic Four Review – We Loved It! (haha relax, Jk)”

Fantastic Four & Marvel Universe Members Ranked!

It was 2007 the last time The Fantastic Four descended onto the big screen, yet on August 6th they will be back again in the new exciting reboot. From the young director Josh Trank – creator of Chronicle – the film includes a brand new younger cast. With the Fantastic Four once again ready to save earth, we are wondering who would make up your ultimate Fantastic Four? Take a look at the infographic below and see what you think. Continue reading “Fantastic Four & Marvel Universe Members Ranked!”

FANTASTIC FOUR #642 Review: “The Beginning of the End! (already in progress)”

As comic publications go, few are as hotly contested as Fantastic Four in recent months. While much of the distress stems from perceived managerial edicts, writer James Robinson’s ongoing narrative certainly does not aid in smoothing anything over. Since taking the reins about a year ago, Robinson’s “break ‘em down to build ‘em back up again” approach to the Richards Family is met with consistent acclaim but his overall effort proves too little, too late. Continue reading “FANTASTIC FOUR #642 Review: “The Beginning of the End! (already in progress)””