Deadpool The Movie: Some @$$hat’s Review

deadpool bazooka hellicarrier

Much like every plan Deadpool’s ever had, there are about a million ways Deadpool’s first movie could have gone wrong. It’s a superhero deconstruction, wrapped inside a romantic comedy, sprinkling body horror on top of the comic book origin story template. If played wrong, this could have been a crass, unforgivable trainwreck, leaving everyone in the theater feeling like Deadpool after he used Colossus as a kickboxing bag. Continue reading “Deadpool The Movie: Some @$$hat’s Review”

DEATH OF WOLVERINE Deadpool and Captain America – ADVENTURE!

For the uninitiated, let me get you up to speed. Captain America is a super soldier, who fought in WWII, was frozen in ice, and revived in modern times to lead the Avengers. Recently, he got the super soldier serum sucked out of him in a fight, because comics. This has left him a frail old man, but an old man with the skills and battle knowledge that he has acquired over the last half of century. Deadpool is another super soldier, of sorts, made stronger by the Weapon X program, the same one that bonded adamantium to Wolverine. He also breaks the fourth wall, a lot, and knows full well he is a comic book character.  Now, on to this issue! Continue reading “DEATH OF WOLVERINE Deadpool and Captain America – ADVENTURE!”