Review: Captain America Warrior Jacket!

As much as I love comic books (Current power rankings: 1. Wife (might read this, you can never be too sure) 2. Comic books 3. Burritos… Dead Last. Sucka MCs), it’s shockingly difficult to find comic book gear I’d like to wear. Sure, I’ve been rocking the same Green Lantern and Flash tees since my honeymoon (“It’s too late, honey buns!!!! *cue maniacal laughter*), and yeah, I’m probably wearing Batman pajama pants over superman boxers right now (and yes that’s a statement about how I rank the characters).

Nonetheless, shopping for comics clothing is a perpetual challenge. Apart from the fact that my “comics read” to “steps walked” ratio is disturbingly close to 1:1, I don’t much like to shove my comics consumption in the face of strangers. Come to think about it, I don’t much like to even be in the same room as strangers, so it’s no wonder I don’t also want to talk about comics at them.

True story: I saw a girl in my office building the other day wearing a Deadpool hat, Deadpool jacket, Deadpool riding a Taco tee, and I blurted “Maximum effort” to the delight of absolutely no one in my elevator. I salute the outfit, but I don’t have that kind of cosplay in me.

That said, I love some solid comic book infused gear, particularly when it blends into something I’d actually wear as my alter ego “Dave, the working adult professional” (stop laughing, you monsters).

Enter: Warrior Jackets.

Warrior Jackets specializes in superhero gear, namely varsity jackets. After reviewing the array of fine outerwear, I selected for myself the Captain America varsity jacket.

This was my second choice (I already had a quiver though).
This was my second choice (I already had a quiver though).

Disclaimer: Warrior Jackets requested that I review one of their products, but the thoughts, opinions, and deep and abiding loves for Kross-Time Kangs are all my own.

Despite actually playing sports in high school (If sitting on a bench and taking shots of water every time someone makes a basket can be considered “playing”), I’ve never had a varsity jacket in my life. It feels all too appropriate that my first foray into varsity athletic wear endorses Captain America and not my hometown Human Beings.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked this good in a jacket since that time I stapled a cutout of Hugh Jackman’s face to my forehead. The Warrior Jackets product is extremely comfortable, warm, and most importantly, sports a stylish Cap SHIELD I’ll definitely be wearing to work when the seasons change. I might be overstating my knowledge of things when I say Chris Evans definitely wears this jacket to Oberweis at least weekly, but it’s a lock.

I’d caveat that I ordered a men’s large, and the sleeves fit great, but the bottom of the jacket runs right along my belt buckle. My wife insists this is a totally normal size for a jacket, but I am not looking forward to a repeat of the great and unforgettable “2011 Dave tries to wash sweaters for the first time and exposes a LOT of bare midriff awards.” I’m approximately 6 feet of indescribable manhood, so if you fit similar parameters, you’ve been warned.

If you’re interested, give their gear a look and see if it feels right. In anticipation of Suicide Squad, they’re also offering a fun Harley Quinn bubble gum pack. Or let me know your favorite piece of comic book gear in the comments so I can scroll Amazon for hours pretending I haven’t committed to reading all of Inferno for My Marvelous Year this week.

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