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The Red Hood was one of the splashiest Batman villains to appear in the 2000’s, calling back to a legacy of DC Comics history thought forgotten.

Let me note right up front that if you don’t know the secret of the Red Hood, and don’t want it spoiled, you should absolutely jump straight ahead to Judd Winick and Doug Mahnke’s Batman: Under the Red Hood. This collections of comics launches the modern Red Hood, and explains the secret of the Red Hood.

Through a substantial amount of Batman pop culture, most semi conscious Bat fans likely know the origins of the Red Hood by this point, and you all can check out all Red Hood appearances, as well as the Batman comics that explain the history of the character and the mask.

Enjoy the comics!

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Batman Second Chances

The Red Hood List of DC Comics 

A New Robin – Enter Jason Todd (Robin in the 1980’s)

Batman: Second Chances

Collects: Batman #402-403, #408-416 And Batman Annual #11

These comics mark the debut of Batman’s second Robin, after Richard Grayson moved on from the role and grew into his own with the New Teen Titans as Nightwing.

Batman: A Death in the Family

Collects: Batman #425 To #429

Jim Starlin and Marv Wolfman’s famous story in which they actually asked readers if Jason Todd, Robin, should live or die at the hands of the Joker!

Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying

Collects: Batman #440-442 & New Titans #61,62

Bruce Wayne copes with the fallout of A Death in the Family.

Batman: The Killing Joke

Who Is The Red Hood? Batman Comics Explaining The Red Hood Origins

The Batman Archives Vol. 8

Collects: Detective Comics #155 to #171

Most notably, this Batman Archives collection includes Detective Comics #168, a story titled “The Man Behind the Red Hood.”

This is the earliest known reference to the Red Hood and explains the DC history behind the costume and symbol.

The Killing Joke

Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s increasingly controversial original graphic novel details the origins of the Joker, including his time as a smalltime criminal involved with a certain red hood.

Batman: The Man Who Laughs

The early 2000’s graphic novel from Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke takes another look at the first meeting between Batman and the Joker.

Red Hood by Judd Winick

Enter The New Red Hood (Mid 2000’s)

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Collects: Batman #635-641, #645-50 And Batman Annual #25

2004 publication. Judd Winick and Doug Mahnke dive deep into Robin history to create a new villain for Batman. An instant classic that has been made into a DC animated movie, and used as source material for elements of Batman v Superman and the video game Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman: Red Hood – The Lost Days

Collects: Red Hood: The Lost Days #1 To #6

Nightwing: Brothers in Blood

Collects: Nightwing #118 To #122

The Red Hood tracks down Nightwing.

Batman and Robin Vol. 1

The Red Hood & A New Batman (Late 2000’s)

Batman: Battle for the Cowl

Collects: Batman: Battle For The Cowl #1-3, Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? #1 And Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive? #1

In the wake of Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones DC Universe event, Final Crisis. Red Hood plays a role throughout, as Gotham seeks its next Batman.

Batman & Robin, Vol. 1: Batman Reborn

Collects: Batman & Robin #1-6

A part of the Grant Morrison Batman reading order, this marks the beginning of Dick Grayson’s time as Batman, and Damian Wayne’s official start as Robin. In the second story arc, the Red Hood serves as the primary antagonist after Professor Pyg.

Batman Incorporated

Collects: Batman Incorporated #1 To #8, Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes #1

Loosely connected to the Red Hood, although he will play a role as Morrison continues his run on the series.

New 52 Red Hood

New 52 Red Hood Comics

For a complete view of how all these Robin comic book fit within the DC Universe as a whole, I recommend Comic Book Herald’s complete DC New 52 reading order.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1: REDemption

Collects: Red Hood And The Outlaws #1 To #6

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 2: The Starfire

Collects: Red Hood And The Outlaws #7 To #12

Batman Incorporated Vol. 1: Demon Star

Collects: Batman Incorporated #0-6

Morrison’s Batman run continues (and ultimately concludes) in the New 52, with Jason Todd making occasional appearances throughout.

Batman, Vol. 4: Zero Year – Secret City

Batman Vol. 5: Zero Year – Dark City

Collects: Batman #21 to #33

Not a Red Hood story like you’d expect, but the Snyder and Capullo ‘Zero Year’ narrative details the origins of the actual first Red Hood and Red Hood gang in Gotham.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 3: Death of the Family

Collects: Red Hood And The Outlaws #0, #14 To #17 And Teen Titans #15-16

Batman Incorporated Vol. 2: Gotham’s Most Wanted

Collects: Batman Incorporated #7-13 And Batman Incorporated Special #1

The end of Grant Morrison’s Batman run, and his time creating and writing Damian Wayne!

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 4: League of Assassins

Collects: Red Hood And The Outlaws #19-24 And Annual #1

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 5: The Big Picture

Collects: Red Hood And The Outlaws #27-31 And Dc Universe Presents #17-18

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 6: Lost and Found

Collects: Red Hood And The Outlaws #32-34 And Annual #2

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 7: Last Call

Collects: Red Hood And The Outlaws #35-40

Red Hood/Arsenal Vol. 1

Collects: Red Hood/Arsenal #1-6

Robin War

Collects: Robin War #1-2, Robin: Son Of Batman #7, Grayson #15, Detective Comics #47, We Are Robin #7, Gotham Academy #13, Red Hood/Arsenal #7 And Teen Titans #15

Robin War Reading Order:

Robin War #1

Grayson #15

Detective Comics #47

We Are Robin #7

Red Hood / Arsenal #7

Robin: Son of Batman #7

Gotham Academy #13

Teen Titans #15

Robin War #2

Robin: Son of Batman #8

Red Hood/Arsenal Vol. 2: Devil’s Daughter

Collects: Red Hood/Arsenal #7 To #13

Rebirth Red Hood and Outlaws

DC Rebirth Red Hood Comics

For a look at how Red Hood fits into the entire DC Rebirth universe, you can check out Comic Book Herald’s complete DC Rebirth reading order.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1: Dark Trinity

Collects: Red Hood & The Outlaws: Rebirth #1, Red Hood & The Outlaws #1 to #6

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