Marvel Masterworks: Warlock Volume 2 Review – War With Thanos! Cosmic Starlin!

The complicated and far reaching relationship of Adam Warlock and Thanos the Mad Titan begins here! Full review to come – keep reading for the Comic Book Herald overview.

Publication Dates: Feb 1975 – Nov 1977

Writer: Jim Starlin   Artist: Starlin, or Various

CBH Score: TBD

Continuity Relevance?: Yes

Who Needs It?: Think Thanos is a badass villain? Enjoy space opera with seriously cosmic implications? This Warlock-centered run by Jim Starlin is one of the most famous in Marvel history.


Want more on Thanos? See the Complete Thanos Reading Order.

4 Replies to “Marvel Masterworks: Warlock Volume 2 Review – War With Thanos! Cosmic Starlin!”

  1. Been enjoying my way through the Thanos guide today but I’ve hit a snag. The Marvel Two-in-One doesn’t appear to be on Unlimited. Can you shed some light or provide a pointer? Future steps in the guide fill in a bit of what happened but I’d like to be as complete as possible.

    Thanks for all the work you’ve out into these guides. It’s a long but rewarding journey working through them.

  2. Just got to the same spot in the reading guide as you and the two in one annual is not on unlimited. I did however find a YouTube video of it. It’s ok, not the same as unlimited or having the book, but just to know what happened it’s fine.

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