Annihilation Conquest

So Annihilation was a huge deal, nearly catastrophic for the Marvel Universe as we know it, but ultimately, our heroes came out on top (spoilers!). Surely, Peter Quill, Nova, and Drax the Destroyer would be able to enjoy some rest and relaxation now, right?

Well, Shirley, guess what? Annihilation PART TWO.

Don’t worry, though, Annihilation: Conquest is far from a rehash of the original negative zone infringement and nihilistic attacks of Lord Annihilus. Conquest brings a whole new universal threat, this time setting the stage for the Guardians of the Galaxy to come storming out of the wreckage (and into our hearts).

Conquest feels more transitional than Annihilation, and is often overlooked as a result. Check it out for yourself with the reading order below:

Previously: Annihilation

Annihilation Conquest Trade Reading Order

Annihilation: Conquest Book 1

Annihilation: Conquest
Annihilation: Conquest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Annihilation: Conquest Prologue #1

Annihilation: Conquest – Starlord #1 – #4

Starlord, aka Peter Quill, sees his role expand following the events of the Conquest Prologue. In a lot of ways, this Starlord mini series is a prelude to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Annihilation: Conquest – Quasar #1 – #4

Worth noting here, that you can read each mini series independently. No need to really alternate between issue #1 of starlord and issue #1 of Quasar, or any such continuity craziness. Quasar and Moondragon play a very major role in the events of Annihilation: Conquest, so definite meaningful contribution to the story in these issues.

Nova: Annihilation Conquest (#1 – #7)

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Nova issues #4 – #7 are included in Annihilation: Conquest Book 2.

As noted in Annihilation, you can consider the first three issues of this Nova series from Dan Abnet and Andy Lanning as Annihilation epilogue. Issues #4 – #7, on the other hand, work as Annihilation: Conquest prologue, along the lines of the Starlord mini included above.

Annihilation: Conquest Book 2

Annihilation: Conquest – Wraith #1 – #4

Marvel took a chance at introducing a new character with Wraith, and the results are mixed. On one hand, he’s a dark, mysterious character who will play a central role in Annihilation: Conquest. And on the other hand, it’s pretty hard to get real invested in scenes that don’t involve established characters like Ronan the Accuser. You can sort of skim these pages to gleam the plot points that will keep you in the loop during the main event.

Nova: Annihilation Conquest (#4 – #7)

Again worth noting that these Nova issues are also included in the trade that contains the main Conquest arc.

Annihilation: Conquest (#1 – #6)

The six issue main event. My take: Read the first two issues and then SKIP AHEAD to the Nova issues below. I’ll explain below.

Nova: Knowhere (#8 – #12) + Annual #1

In a lot of ways, the Nova and main event issues come down to personal preference. If you’re really enjoying Nova (and I can’t blame you) you can carry on with the second volume of his run without reading any of the Annihilation Conquest issues until you hit issue #11 (at which point, you should read the first Conquest event issue). Personally, I preferred the backdrop of the main event while Nova explores the mystery of Knowhere, but you won’t be awash in spoilers if you just plow ahead with Richard Rider. 

My TakeRead Nova issues #8 – #10 plus the Annual after Conquest issues #1 and #2. Return to Conquest issues #3 through #5. Then Nova #11 and #12. Then Conquest #6.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Legacy (#1 – #6)

The start of GoTG marks a sort of epilogue to Annihilation: Conquest, although don’t worry, the series works on its own without any event-dependency. If you’ve been plowing through Marvel Cosmic books to get to the Guardians of the Galaxy, rejoice! Marvel’s greatest cosmic team begins here.

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