Magneto Reading Order

I’ve already written that Doctor Doom is my all-time favorite Marvel villain, but Magneto is easily in the top five.

Few Marvel villains have featured the nobility and malleability of Magneto, as he has progressed from irredeemable supervillain to misunderstood empathetic hero and back again.

I may be overlooking something, but Chris Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men #200, “The Trial of Magneto,” is the first time in Marvel history when a villain “broke good” for a sustained number of years. Magneto’s a trailblazer in that regard, and although it was only a matter of time before Eric entered the 90’s and succumbed to Jim Lee’s awesome evil art, Magneto’s complexity has remained essential.

Below you’ll find a complete chronology for Magneto comic books throughout Marvel history, including alternate realities where he played an essential role like Age of Apocalypse and House of M.

Magneto Comics Reading Order

Uncanny X-Men Epic Collection

Magneto Origins and Early Comics Reading Order

X-Men: Magneto Testament

Collects: Miniseries

Greg Pak and Carmine Di Giandomenico bring Magneto’s tragic childhood to life, showing his Jewish family’s suffering in Nazi Germany.

X-Men Epic Collection: Children of the Atom

Collects: X-Men (1963) 1-23

The Jack Kirby and Stan Lee Uncanny X-Men kick off with a bang, and Magneto as the X-Men’s archnemesis right out of the gate!

Magneto appearances in order:

Uncanny X-Men #1

Uncanny X-Men #4

Uncanny X-Men #5

Uncanny X-Men #6

Uncanny X-Men #7

Uncanny X-Men #11

Uncanny X-Men #17

Uncanny X-Men #18

Uncanny X-Men #21

X-Men Epic Collection: Lonely Are The Hunted

Collects: X-Men (1963) 24-45; Avengers (1963) 45

Uncanny X-Men #43 “The Power of Magneto”

Avengers Epic Collection: Masters of Evil

Collects: Avengers (1963) 41-56, Annual (1967) 1-2; X-Men (1963) 45

Avengers #47 to #49 features a showdown between Magneto and the Avengers.

X-Men Masterworks Vol. 6

Collects: Uncanny X-Men (1963) #54-66

Uncanny X-Men #63, “The Triumph of Magneto,” with excellent Neal Adams art!

Fantastic Four

Collects: Fantastic Four #102 To #104

Some of the first issues after Jack Kirby left Fantastic Four feature Magneto attacking New York City, and proving his bonafides as a Marvel Universe villain.


Collects: #15 To #16

Surprisingly important developments in the relationship between Professor X and Magneto that will come up during the Claremont run on Uncanny X-Men.

Professor X and Magneto contact Galactus

Chris Claremont Uncanny X-Men & Magneto

The Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Volume 1

Collects: Giant-Size X-Men #1; X-Men #94-131

Len Wein, Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne ressurect the X-Men, as well as Magneto, elevating Marvel’s merry mutants to the most popular comic in the universe.

For the full X-Men experience during this time, I recommend Comic Book Herald’s complete Claremont X-Men reading order.

Claremont Magneto Reading Order Before Secret Wars:

Uncanny X-Men #103

Uncanny X-Men #104

Uncanny X-Men #107

Uncanny X-Men #112

Uncanny X-Men #113

Uncanny X-Men #124

Uncanny X-Men #125

Uncanny X-Men #148

Uncanny X-Men #150

Super-Villain Team-Up

Collects: Super-Villain Team-Up #14

Magneto battles Doctor Doom, who would otherwise take over the world.

The Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol. 2

Collects: X-Men (1963) 132-141, Annual (1970) 4-5; The Uncanny X-Men (1981) 142-153; Avengers Annual (1967) 10; Marvel Fanfare (1982) 1-4; Marvel Treasury Edition (1974) 26-27; Marvel Team-Up (1972) 100; Bizarre Adventures (1981) 27; Phoenix: The Untold Story (1984) 1

Uncanny Men #148 to #150 are the essential Magneto focused comics from this period of time, with #150 marking both a true turning point and one of the more frequently referenced moments in Magneto’s history.

The Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol. 3

Collects: Uncanny X-Men (1981) 154-175, X-Men Annual (1971) 6-7, Marvel Graphic Novel (1982) 5, Wolverine (1982) 1-4, Special Edition X-Men (1983) 1, Magik (1983) 1-4

Includes, X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills, my favorite X-Men graphic novel includes some of Claremont’s best characterized Magneto, as he finds common ground with the X-Men for a time.

Avengers – West Coast Avengers: Family Ties

Collects: West Coast Avengers (1985) 1-9, Vision & The Scarlet Witch (1985) #1 To #4

If you want to see Magneto yell at a Bovine midwife (and who doesn’t), boy is this the comic for you.

Secret Wars (1985)

The original 1985 Secret Wars are particularly telling for Magneto, as Marvel writer and editor-in-chief Jim Shooter draws on Magneto’s inherent nobility and aligns him with the heroes.

Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to see Magneto lay some serious game on the Wasp, this is your comic.

Essential X-Men, Vol. 5

Collects: Uncanny X-Men #180-198; Annual #8; & X-Men/Alpha Flight #1-2

It’s around this time in Uncanny X-Men history that Magneto’s timeline becomes intertwined with Claremont’s concurrent ongoing run on New Mutants. I’d recommend at this stage that you view the Claremont X-Men reading order for the absolutely complete guide to all the comics from this time period. For Magneto, you essentially want to keep tabs on Uncanny X-Men #188, New Mutants #24, New Mutants #29, and Uncanny X-Men #196, and #200 to #202.

New Mutants Classic Vol. 3

Collects: New Mutants #18-25 And Annual #1

Essential X-Men, Vol. 6

Collects: Uncanny X-Men #199 To #209

Uncanny X-Men is “The Trial of Magneto!”

New Mutants Classic Vol. 4

Collects: New Mutants (1983) #26-34

New Mutants Classic Vol. 5

Collects: New Mutants Special Edition, Uncanny X-Men Annual #9 And New Mutants (1983) #35-40

Magneto, headmaster of the New Mutants! These issues overlap with Secret Wars II, and while I wouldn’t wish reading the entire slog on my worst enemy, there are some important New Mutants tie-ins that will make Magneto’s turn as hero-mentor all the more difficult.

New Mutants Classic Vol. 6

Collects: New Mutants (1983) #41-47 And Annual #2, And X-Men Annual (1970) #10

X-Men vs. the Avengers

Collects: X-Men Vs. The Avengers #1 To #4

Not to be confused with the 2012 Marvel event, Avengers vs. X-Men.

New Mutants Classic Vol. 7

Collects: New Mutants (1983) #48-54 And Annual #3

Fall of the Mutants

Collects: X-Factor #24 to #25, Power Pack #35, Captain America #339, X-Factor #26, Uncanny X-Men #225 to #226, Incredible Hulk #340, Uncanny X-Men #227, New Mutants #59 to #61 – Daredevil 252, Fantastic Four #312

Fall of the Mutants hits Magneto particularly hard, as the culmination of his somewhat atrocious leadership of the New Mutants really takes a dark turn.


Collects: New Mutants #71 To #73

The New Mutants discover Magneto’s relationship with the Hellfire Club. I’d recommend reading the New Mutants tie-ins as part of the Inferno reading order within the Claremont guide! New Mutants, and Illyana in particular, play a crucial role to Inferno.

Acts of Vengeance

Collects: Captain America #367 to #368

Magneto vs. the Red Skull!

Age of Apocalypse

Magneto, Villain of the 1990’s

X-Men by Chris Claremont & Jim Lee Omnibus – Volume 2

Collects: Uncanny X-Men (1963) 273-280; X-Factor (1986) 63-70; :X-Men (1991) 1-9, 10-11 (A Stories); Ghost Rider (1990 26 To #27

Magneto returns to full on villainy in Uncanny X-Men #274 to #275, and X-Men #1 to #3

X-Men: Fatal Attractions

Collects: Uncanny X-Men (1981) 298-300, 303-304, 315; X-Factor (1986) 92; X-Force (1991) 25; X-Men Unlimited (1993) 2; X-Men (1991) 25

Perhaps the most violent battle between the X-Men and Magneto. The ramifications of this showdown are felt through the 1990’s.

Fatal Attractions Issue Reading Order:

X-Factor #92

X-Force #25

Uncanny X-Men #304

X-Men #25

Wolverine #75

Excalibur #71

Uncanny X-Men Annual #17

X-Men/Avengers, Bloodties

Collects: Avengers (1963) #368-369, X-Men (1991) #26, Avengers West Coast #101, Uncanny X-Men (1963) #307

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Omnibus

Collects: The complete Age of Apocalypse saga.

The Age of Apocalypse epic is likely my favorite Marvel alternate reality, and my favorite Magneto comic of the 90’s. For the full experience of Magneto in the AoA, try Comic Book Herald’s complete Age of Apocalypse reading order.

X-Men/Avengers: Onslaught Omnibus

Collects: The complete Onslaught saga.

Coming back out of the Age of Apocalypse and into Earth-616 proper, the ramifications of Fatal Attractions are felt in a brand new X-Villain, Onslaught! The most powerful Marvel big bad of them all can be found in Comic Book Herald’s complete Onslaught reading order.

Magneto: Rogue Nation

Collects: X-Men: Magneto War One-Shot, X-Men #85-87, Uncanny X-Men #366-367, Magneto Rex #1 To #3

Magneto War undoes the Joseph years of the 90’s and restores Magneto.

X-Men: Eve of Destruction

Collects: Uncanny X-Men #391-393 And X-Men #111-113

Wolverine gets revenge on Magneto.


Magneto in New X-Men Through House of M

New X-Men, Vol. 3

Collects: New X-Men #142 To #154

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s run on X-Men from 2001 to 2004 will make more sense taken as a whole, but these are the primary Magneto issues.

Excalibur Vol. 1: Forging The Sword

Collects: Excalibur #1-4

Claremont returns to Excalibur for a new series featuring Professor X and Magneto.

Excalibur Vol. 2: Saturday Night Fever

Collects: Excalibur #5-10

House of M Prelude: Excalibur

Collects: Excalibur #11-14

Magneto’s relationship with Scarlet Witch takes center stage, as Marvel sets up the House of M.

House of M

Collects: House Of M #1 To #8

Magneto rules the world! What could go wrong?

Read through the entire event in Comic Book Herald’s House of M reading order.

House of M: Civil War

Collects: Civil War: House Of M #1-5

Good House of M tie-in that really dives into Magento’s role as leader of the House of M universe.

Son of M

Collects: Son of M #1-6

Quicksilver and Magneto throw down. More of a Quicksilver (and even Inhumans) comic certainly, but the titular M is involved.

New Avengers, Vol. 4: The Collective

Collects: New Avengers #16-20

Fallout from the House of M. Part of the Brian Michael Bendis run on New Avengers.

Marvel Zombies: The Complete Collection Volume 1

Collects: Ultimate Fantastic Four 21-23, 30-32; Marvel Zombies 1-5; Marvel Zombies: Dead Days 1; Black Panther (2005) 28-30; Material From Marvel Spotlight: Marvel Zombies

Magneto, hero of the Marvel Zombie-verse!

Matt Fraction X-Men

Magneto, X-Man! (Mid Through late 2000’s)

X-Men: Legacy – Divided He Stands

Collects: X-Men: Legacy #208-212

Magneto seeks to aid Professor X in the wake of Messiah CompleX.

Uncanny X-Men: The Complete Collection by Matt Fraction – Volume 1

Collects: Uncanny X-Men (1963) 500-511; Uncanny X-Men Annual (2006) 2; Material From X-Men Unlimited (2004) 9, X-Men : Divided We Stand 1

Magneto returns to a familiar role as mega villain of the X-Men.

X-Men Legacy: Salvage

Collects: X-Men Legacy #219-225

Uncanny X-Men: The Complete Collection by Matt Fraction – Volume 2

Collects: Uncanny X-Men #512 To #519, Utopia

Uncanny X-Men: The Complete Collection by Matt Fraction – Volume 3

Collects: Uncanny X-Men (1963) 520-522, Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age 1, Material From Uncanny X-Men (1963) 526-534

Magneto surprises the X-Men with a new kind of proposition.

X-Men Legacy: Necrosha

Collects: X-Men Legacy #231 to #234, X-Men Necrosha one-shot

X-Men: Second Coming

Collects: X-Men: Second Coming (2010) #1-2, Uncanny X-Men (1963) #523-525, New Mutants (2009) #12-14, X-Men: Legacy (2008) #235-237, X-Force (2008) #26-28

Young Avengers: The Children’s Crusade


Magneto’s role is largely tied to his place as the father of the Scarlet Witch.

Uncanny X-Men: Breaking Point

Collects: Uncanny X-Men #534.1 And #535-539

Magneto the official X-man.

X-Men Legacy: Collision

Collects: X-Men Legacy #238-241

X-Men Legacy: Aftermath

Collects: X-Men Legacy #242 to #244, #248 to #249

X-Men: Age of X

Collects: Age Of X Alpha, X-Men Legacy #245-247, New Mutants (2009) #22-24, Age Of X Universe #1-2

Uncanny X-Men: Fear Itself

Collects: Uncanny X-Men #540-544

You can see any and all context in Comic Book Herald’s Fear Itself reading order.

Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender: The Complete Collection Volume 1

Collects: Uncanny X-Force 1-19, 5.1; Wolverine: Road To Hell 1; All-New Wolverine Saga; X-Men Spotlight

Uncanny X-Force #9 is a great one-off Wolverine and Magneto story.

X-Men Legacy: Lost Legions

Collects: X-Men Legacy #250 to #253

Avengers vs X-Men


Magneto Regenesis Through Avengers Vs. X-Men

X-Men: Schism

Collects: X-Men: Schism 1-5, X-Men: Regenesis 1

X-Men Legacy: Five Miles South of the Universe

Collects: X-Men Legacy #254 to #260

Magneto: Not a Hero

Collects: Magneto : Not A Hero 1-4

Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1

Collects: Uncanny X-Men 1-4

Kieron Gillen’s run on Uncanny X-Men leading up to Avengers vs. X-Men

Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 2

Collects: Uncanny X-Men 5-10

Avengers vs. X-Men

Collects: Full event.

Avengers vs. X-Men has major ramifications for Magneto, both for his place with the X-Men and his abilities.

Comic Book Herald’s complete Avengers vs. X-Men reading order.

Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences

Collects: Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences #1 to #5

All new Magneto

Marvel NOW! Magneto

All-New X-Men Volume 1: Yesterday’s X-Men

Collects: All -New X-Men 1-5

Marvel NOW! sets a new status quo for the mutants, including the master of magnetism himself.

Uncanny X-Men Volume 1: Revolution

Collects: Uncanny X-Men 1-5

Man I love this all-white Magneto costume.

Uncanny X-Men Volume 2: Broken

Collects: Uncanny X-Men 6-11

Uncanny X-Men Volume 3: The Good, The Bad, The Inhuman

Collects: Uncanny X-Men 14, 15, Inh, 16-18

Magneto Volume 1: Infamous

Collects: Magneto 1-6

Magneto’s excellent Marvel NOW! solo series by writer Cullen Bunn. One of the best Magneto reads and starting places for new readers.

Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5: The Omega Mutant

Collects: Uncanny X-Men 26-31

Magneto Volume 2: Reversals

Collects: Magneto 7-12

Magneto Vol. 3: Shadow Games

Collects: Magneto 13-17

Magneto Vol. 4: Last Days

Collects: Magneto 18-21

More than just about any series, Magneto’s “Last Days’ before 2015’s Secret Wars maintain the excellence of the series to date.

House of M: Warzones!

Collects: Secret Wars tie-ins

A tie-in return to the House of M universe, with a focus from Magneto’s point of view.

IvX Marvel Event

All-New All-Different Magneto Through Inhumans vs. X-Men

Uncanny X-Men: Superior Vol. 1: Survival of the Fittest

Collects: Uncanny X-Men 1-5

Following the conclusion of Secret Wars, Marvel launches an All-New All-Different universe in which Magneto leads the Uncanny X-Men ongoing.

Uncanny X-Men: Superior Vol. 2: Apocalypse Wars

Collects: Uncanny X-Men 6-10

Uncanny X-Men: Superior Vol. 3: Waking From the Dream

Collects: Uncanny X-Men 11-15

Civil War II: X-Men

Collects: Civil War II: X-Men #1 To #4

Comic Book Herald’s complete Civil War 2 reading order.

Inhumans vs. X-Men

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