Last Chance to Join 2017 Reading Club Before We Take On Marvel Comics 2000 to 2012!

In 2016, Comic Book Herald’s My Marvelous Year reading club read through Marvel Comics from 1961 to 1999, voting on hero, villain, issue, and creators of the year as we went. 

Starting in 2017, My Marvelous Year will enter its second year, this time allotting a full month to each year of Marvel Comics from 2000 to 2012.

Abnett and Lanning Guardians

If you’ve always wanted to catch up on the modern Marvel U but never found the time, or want to go back and see what you missed the first time around, there’s no better guide than My Marvelous Year. We’ll cover much of what’s included in Comic Book Herald’s complete marvel reading guide part 1 as well!

Sign up for My Marvelous Year here!

In the meantime, or if you’ve already signed up, you can check out our year-end recap of reading from 1961 to 1999, to view all the comics guides and all the winners for each year. Here’s the year-end recap!

2 Replies to “Last Chance to Join 2017 Reading Club Before We Take On Marvel Comics 2000 to 2012!”

  1. Hey Dave!
    What you’ve been doing is really cool and I appreciate it from the bottom of my now-marvelite heart.
    I started reading comics and following MMY a bit late and have been taking my sweet time (reading 1981 right now) and comics keep getting better and better!

    Just a quick question, when I finally arrive to the new millenium (and oh boy it’s gonna take long) what should I follow to get a more complete look at the Marvel universe? I planned on following the guide but now that you’re doing this I’m not sure if it’s better to carry on the chronological path of MMY or the event-centric way of The Guide?

    I know you haven’t started yet and I have no rush to know because I’m way behind but I just wanted to get it out of my mind. 🙂

    So yeah, this blog is AWESOME, keep up the top notch work!
    ‘Nuff said!

  2. Looking forward to it! I’ve kept up on my reading and am heading into 2002, but I probably missed out on a few choice 2000 and 2001 stories.

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