Hoopla Digital Library Adds Valiant Comics

My new favorite digital comic book app, Hoopla, added the entire Valiant Comics arsenal this week, offering yet another reason to check out the library-on-the-go.

I highly recommend you check out my initial review of Hoopla, as well as some super clever tricks some readers provided in the comments if your library doesn’t immediately fall within Hoopla’s jurisdiction.

I’d also point out that I don’t typically provide “news” here on Comic Book Herald (what am I, Walter Cronkite?), but I’m really excited about Hoopla. I’ve been using the digital comics app (they offer way more than just comics but I have slight tunnel vision) exclusively over the past few months, and have read the following:

Fables #1 to #82

Planetary #1 to #6


47 Ronin

Zero #1 to #10

Miniature Jesus

Preacher (darn near the whole thing)

If nothing else, Hoopla has helped me make some sizable additions to my Dave’s Faves list of all the best comics I’ve ever read.

My primary wishes for the app moving forward are limited to:

Better landscape comic reading (even on a full tablet you have to use the panel zoom, which I don’t prefer)

Adding the 6th volume of Preacher so readers don’t get right to the end and have to (gulp!) talk to an actual human at the library

Otherwise, adding Valiant is another nice win. If you’re a Marvel or DC fan but can get tired of the immense continuity and rebooting, Valiant is very much worth checking out. I’d recommend you try the new launch of Harbinger and X-O Manowar to get a sense of the universe, and from there Unity, Archer & Armstrong, The Delinquents… there’s a lot of great comics.

So, check out Hoopla, see if it’s for you, and enjoy the comics!

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