DC: Rebirth of an Icon

52 has become the number to look out for in DC Comics. It’s no surprise then that a huge event starting around May or June 2016 comes hot on the heels of mainstay titles 52nd issues. Ever since Jim Lee and Dan Didio posted their Rebirth teaser images, the internet has been going nuts with rumor and speculation. So far DC itself has been very quiet, keeping their cards close to their chest. But, it’s the creators that have been dropping hints and teases.


The rumor mill is working overtime on this event. No one seems to be clear on exactly what Rebirth is. Some hope for a full continuity reboot while others maintain that it’s a soft-relaunch tweaking continuity, with more credible evidence pointing to the latter. It’s been said that part of the new initiative will be to focus on characters related to other media properties, but without being influenced by them. Another claim is that all continuing titles will get a special “Rebirth Issue” before relaunching with new #1’s.

What do we know?

As I’ve mentioned there is precious little confirmation circling around. But, here’s what we do know. Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, and Eric Van Sciver are involved (with the possible addition of Tim King). Just the attachment of Eric Van Sciver with Geoff Johns should be, at least a little, telling with their history in DC with the term “Rebirth”. In fact, Sciver has said on twitter “This ‘REBIRTH’ thing is wonderful. It’s entirely in keeping with what that title has always meant in the past. I’m so glad I re-signed an exclusive with DC COMICS”.

This is huge in the battle of “Is it a reboot” because Johns and Sciver have that history bringing back beloved versions of characters to critical and fan praise. I’m of course referring to their revitalization of the Green Lantern mythos in “Green Lantern: Rebirth” as well as bringing Barry Allen back from the dead in “The Flash: Rebirth”. One could easily infer that with team, and those comments, that this event will take characters that have been poorly received since the New 52 launch and revitalize them in much the same way without breaking continuity. After all, DC is pretty heavily invested in their current continuity.

What’s also interesting to note is Tim King’s comments in an interview with TheCourtofNerds.com that also seem to confirm this theory:

“I’ve talked a lot to Geoff Johns and Scott Snyder [ and also Dan Didio] about what Rebirth is and what it means for the company and I think it’s going to become clear. I think the idea behind it is to strengthen DC, to recognize the faults that happened with the new 52 relaunch, and fix those things and go with the core of what makes DC strong.”

“What makes DC great; Like I have a one-year-old, one of my kids is one years old, and he had these little DC board books and he’s one and a half: He can’t say many words, but he can say ‘Superman’, ‘Green Lantern’, ‘Wonder Woman’. He just recognizes them. He’s so young but their colors and their powers are so simple and iconic he gets them all. And I think Rebirth is sort of going back, and I think that’s the joy at the heart of the DC universe. I think with new 52 somewhere along some of that joy got lost and then the idea behind rebirth, which is what Geoff Johns did with the rebirth of Green Lantern, is to go back and bring that kind of iconic joy that really drives the DC universe, as opposed to the Marvel Universe, forward.” [thecourtofnerds.com]

(Rumored) Cancelled:


Superman/Wonder Woman



Black Canary


Doctor Fate

(Starfire will head a New Titans Comic, Black Canary will move to Birds of Prey, and Grayson will revert to Nightwing)

(Rumored) New Comics: [Bleedingcool.com]

The Super Man (Yes, that’s three words!)

Man of Steel

New Green Lantern (Focusing on the New Power Ring?)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps

Justice Society of America (Taking place on Earth 1?)

Teen Titans (Lead by Damian Wayne)

Trinity (Starring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman)

(Rumored) Creative Team Changes: [Bleedingcool.com]

Scott Snyder moves to Detective Comics

Tom King moves to Batman

Marc Silvestri comes to Batman

Confirmed Cancelled and Creative Team Changes:

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo Leave Batman with #51

Patrick Gleason leaves Robin, Son of Batman with #8

Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr leave Batgirl in April

Tim Seeley and Tom King leave Grayson

Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder leave Action Comics with #50

Van Jenson Leaves the Flash, and DC altogether

Starfire #12 marks series finale

The Omega Men #12 Series Finale

With most rumors fueled by Bleeding Cool and no official DC response, save the tweeted image, it looks like we’re going to have to continue to sit in the dark for a little while longer. May is when titles begin hitting their 52nd issue and Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May, so at minimum we should expect Rebirth to be at the forefront by then. There’s also the little tidbit that June 2015 is when the DC You initiative began, making that month approximately the one year anniversary of their last relaunch, adding to the credibility of Rebirth kicking off in June. As one DC fan to another: Here’s hoping we get an official reveal soon!

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