Comic Book Herald’s Going To Read Every Good Marvel Comic From the 90’s – Last Chance To Join Us!

So far throughout 2016, the My Marvelous Year reading club has covered the best, most essential Marvel Comics from 1961 to 1989. In remarkable feats of dedication, passion, and physical prowess (one simply assumes), the My Marvelous Year faithful have read ~1,000┬áMarvel Comics so far this year! You can try to get on their level, but you’re gonna need a space shuttle or a ladder that’s forever.

Beginning the week of August 8th (I’m taking a break to prepare and keep myself from going full Maximus the Mad), we’ll be starting with Marvel Comics published in 1990. We’ll then be proceeding one year of published comics at a time, with carefully curated lists, all the way through the 2000’s!

This would be a great time to join the My Marvelous Year club if any of the following apply:

  • You’ve always wanted to get started with Marvel Comics but never knew what to read
  • You’ve read some of the more modern classics but the 90’s backstory has always alluded you
  • You want to read more Marvel Comics than just about anyone
  • You’ve never read Age of Apocalypse
  • You’ve never read Maximum Carnage
  • You’ve never read X-Cutioner’s Song
  • You’ve never read… Odin help us… the Spider-Man Clone Saga!

You can learn all about My Marvelous Year, and catch up with any previously covered reading lists, right here.

Sign on up, and you’ll get a new reading list each week throughout 2016. This is your last chance to join in 2016!!

Honestly, this experience and the stories and analysis from everyone involved has been my favorite part of running Comic Book Herald this year.

Plus, at the end of the day, my Marvel trivia scores are through the roof. Ain’t nobody with a higher Marvel IQ than this club.

So, join us if you like, catch only wild pidgey’s if you don’t, and enjoy the comics!

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