Check Out Marvel’s 1962 MVP For Hero & Villain – And Get In On The 1963 Vote!

Every week throughout 2016, the My Marvelous Year reading club will be voting on a hero and villain of the year for every year of Marvel Comics since 1962. Our first week is in the books, which means we have some updates for Marvel’s hero and villain of 1962!

If this is your first hearing of My Marvelous Year, now’s still a great time to join. I pick a list of 10 comic book stories from one year of Marvel’s history, starting from 1962 (technically December 1961) and progressing one year a week until we hit 2014 in December. You can learn all about My Marvelous Year, and look for a new list of comics every Friday throughout 2016. Tell a friend! Tell a stranger! Write your state Senator!

Our first vote of the year was relatively predictable for hero, and much closer for villain than I would have ever guessed.

Our hero of the year for 1962: The Fantastic Four

Our villain of the year for 1962: Doctor Doom

Although Doctor Doom won the villain of the year vote, Namor the Sub-Mariner came within 4% of the vote! 1962 is truly Marvel’s year one, so Fantastic Four is the only title that ran for the entire year, but we did also see the origins of Spider-Man, Thor, and the Incredible Hulk, to name a few.

Want to be a part of the comic book world’s definitive MVP rankings for Marvel Comics through the ages? Sign up for My Marvelous Year now! I look forward to your votes and talking comics with you in the comments.

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