If I Wrote Agents of SHIELD Season Two

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Let’s face it guys and girls: Agents of SHIELD Season One was disappointing. With a capital DISAPPOINT. Yes, things started to “Turn, Turn, Turn” following Captain America 2, but that simply saw Agents of SHIELD progress from a massive disappointment to a passable show filled to the brim with potential. The fact that the writers and showrunners seemed comfortable admitting they had to wait 17 EPISODES to finally get interesting (because of the Cap 2 movie tie-in) is completely and utterly…

You know what? This isn’t about Season One anymore. It’s in the past, and we’ll never watch it again, even though the DVD was just released (seriously: not a DVD you need, although 4 and a half stars on 800 Amazon reviews is STUNNING). It’s time to focus on how we make Agents of SHIELD awesome for Season Two, which begins September 23rd. I have some ideas: Continue reading “If I Wrote Agents of SHIELD Season Two”

On Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s “Illusion of Change”

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I’m angry. Not like Hulk-angry, or feral Wolverine, but maybe Beast after a BAMF! gets into his lab.

I spent a jog listening to Grantland Network’s “Do You Like Prince Movies” podcast today to hear their take on Cap 2. Alex Pappademas and Wesley Morris are smart, intellectual film and culture critics who always have something interesting to say.

But I was a bit shocked how vehemently I disagree with most of the arguments raised against Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Continue reading “On Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s “Illusion of Change””

Monday Morning Comic Rack: The Digital Comics Revolution Is Winning

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“I just like having it in my hands.”

If I’m saying this it means one of two things: 1) I’m defending myself after my wife complains about me having my hands down my pants in broad daylight or 2) I’m explaining why I prefer print books to digital.

I’ll never stop shoving my hands down my pants (I’m my own man! What’s that? Dirty dishes? I’m on it, honey!), but digital comic book reading may have won me over this past week. Here’s why.

Continue reading “Monday Morning Comic Rack: The Digital Comics Revolution Is Winning”