X-Men: Apocalypse Review! – The Unique Aging of A Comic Book Franchise

Apocalypse movie

The most amazing facet of X-Men: Apocalypse, a middle-of-the-road X-Men movie, is the fact that it marks 16 years of X-Men movies. While 2008’s Iron Man gets all the glamour for kicking off Marvel’s MCU, it was 2000’s X-Men that launched Marvel proper, and 2003’s X2 that solidified a lifelong love of the X-Men for me.

Yet here we are 16 years later, and the X-Men franchise has found a way to navigate 6 X-Men films, 2 Wolverine offshoots, and the technically connected goodwill of Deadpool. Continue reading “X-Men: Apocalypse Review! – The Unique Aging of A Comic Book Franchise”

Obi-Wan and Anakin Review! Marvel’s Newest Star Wars Book

young obi wan and anakin skywalker

Marvel’s latest miniseries expanding Star Wars canon offers us a rare look at a time period we’ve seen little, if any, of. Obi-Wan and Anakin takes place three years after Episode I – The Phantom Menace and follows the early days of Anakin’s apprenticeship under Obi-Wan. We’re only two issues into the five issue series, written by the incredibly talented Charles Soule, but already we’re seeing development that any hardcore fan should find terribly exciting! Continue reading “Obi-Wan and Anakin Review! Marvel’s Newest Star Wars Book”

SECRET WARS #9 Review: “All. The. Marbles.”

Anticipation! Dread! An overriding desire to just see it finally over and done! It’s not so much that the long-awaited conclusion to Marvel’s 2015 mega-event succeeds in pressing the obvious buttons (it does) but where it truly excels is in its Fantastic propensity for the inventively subtle and delightfully unexpected. Capital “F” for a reason. Continue reading “SECRET WARS #9 Review: “All. The. Marbles.””

SECRET WARS #8 Review: “Still Doing That, Huh?”

There’s something to be said about losing mystique once insight is gained into a process. Let’s face it- upon seeing the man behind the curtain pull his levers, the show is basically over. Here, it’s the public foreknowledge that this issue and its immediate predecessor were once intended as one giant forty-something-page monster offering. Although the current installment’s got the “monster” part down no problem, it just doesn’t stack up the same. Continue reading “SECRET WARS #8 Review: “Still Doing That, Huh?””