Netflix Iron Fist Review! Where Does It Fit In The MCU Power Rankings?

Netflix Iron Fist Season one

When Iron Fist was announced, I had exceedingly high hopes for the Kung-Fu mastery of Danny Rand on the prestige Netflix stage. From Winter Soldier’s paranoid spy thriller to Ant Man’s miniature heist, Marvel has proven skillful at genre-smashing superheroes, and the mystical Kung-Fu of Iron Fist offered endlessly fertile visual territory.

Depressingly, Iron Fist, a book steeped in Kung-Fu since its 70s origins, resolutely refuses to become an off the wall martial arts showcase set inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, Iron Fist is a boardroom drama masquerading as set-up for The Hand’s villainous role in Defenders, a slow burn in which Marvel simply forgets to light the candle.
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The Lego Batman Movie Review!

Lego Batman and the Justice League

There are two reasons I tensed up at the appearance of the Will Arnett voiced Batman in The Lego Movie, in what was otherwise a carefree smiling romp through the Chris Pratt victory hour.

The first was the idea that Lego Batman would mercilessly mock the Caped Crusader, telling me and every Batfan out there that our comic book hero was nothing but parody. The problem isn’t the jokes so much as the reflection of pop culture at large. Is Batman just a gag everywhere outside of actual comic book readership? Continue reading “The Lego Batman Movie Review!”

Legion S1 E1 Review!

Legion talks to Rachel Keller's character in FX Legion

Making an artistically exquisite masterpiece of a superhero show has almost reached ‘cinematic porn’ levels of mythicism. No matter the creative talent, the critically minded wonder, is it even possible within the medium? (For porn, the answer is of course: Boogie Nights, so yes.)

*Spoiler-Free Review For the Episode, but I do mention Legion Comic Book History, which you may not want to know yet if you’re only watching the show!*

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Dr. Strange Review!: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Origin Movies

Doctor Strange movie review

I had a revelation reading Wild Cards, the George R.R. Martin co-edited superhero universe anthology, for the first time this past month. When new superhero stories are told with confidence, by effective and committed fans of the craft, it’s thrilling, exciting, and flat out FUN to learn where new characters come from, and to welcome them to this new universe you’re developing.

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