So What’s the Deal With Marvel Unlimited Offline Reading? (Part 2)

In general, I try to keep a positive outlook on Marvel Unlimited. The subscription library has come a long way since I fell head over heels for it in in 2010, and at the end of the day, the fact that reading this many comics at this price point is even an option is great. It could always be worse. It could be DC Unlimited. Continue reading “So What’s the Deal With Marvel Unlimited Offline Reading? (Part 2)”

How’s The New Marvel Unlimited Desktop Reader?

Guardians in Marvel Unlimited

Marvel quietly updated their MU desktop reader in early 2015, after approximately 2 years in a “beta mode” that was pretty clearly designed to test out mobile app functionality.

The flash and beta reader options are gone, meaning this is the desktop reader for all MU subscribers, as well as the easiest reading option for Windows 10 readers, or any other device without a custom app. How’s it looking? Continue reading “How’s The New Marvel Unlimited Desktop Reader?”

Study: What’s the Impact of Marvel Unlimited on Comic Book Trade Sales?

Pirates ruined this man's life

It’s no secret that I’m a proponent of Marvel Unlimited, as both the best way to catch up on Marvel Comics, and as a forward-thinking business model for comic book publishers.

In my very first review of the subscription service (2012!) I couldn’t help but note how much money I was saving. At the time, Marvel Unlimited annual subscriptions were $59.99, meaning a subscription was the equivalent of 6 trade collections at $9.99 a pop (which would be a great value for TPB’s!). Continue reading “Study: What’s the Impact of Marvel Unlimited on Comic Book Trade Sales?”

Marvel Unlimited with Multiple Devices & Users

Once you’ve started enjoying the gift of Marvel Unlimited, one of your first instincts will be to share the finding with your friends and family. Well… your first instinct will be to lock yourself in a dimly lit room with your comics for the next three months. But after that, assuming we haven’t been hit by a zombie apocalypse or the curse of Yorrick, you’ll want to share. Can multiple people use the same Marvel Unlimited account across multiple devices? Continue reading “Marvel Unlimited with Multiple Devices & Users”