DC: Rebirth of an Icon

Dc Comics Rebirth

52 has become the number to look out for in DC Comics. It’s no surprise then that a huge event starting around May or June 2016 comes hot on the heels of mainstay titles 52nd issues. Ever since Jim Lee and Dan Didio posted their Rebirth teaser images, the internet has been going nuts with rumor and speculation. So far DC itself has been very quiet, keeping their cards close to their chest. But, it’s the creators that have been dropping hints and teases. Continue reading “DC: Rebirth of an Icon”

A Quick One While He’s Away: Listen to Deadpool the Musical!

Hey! So I’m totally not caught up with my Deadpool reading at ALL, but apparently Deadpool is the latest and greatest to become a part of Marvel’s ongoing Point One series (they do an issue 40.1, for example, which explains everything that happens in issues 1-40. In theory, it’s everything I’ve ever asked for in keeping readers up to date with their favorite comics, but I’ll have to collect my thoughts on it in full some time. Like why you have to pay for the recap issue in addition to your new comics…).

For the recap issue, current Deadpool writer Daniel Way wrote as if the comic were a musical. This is a perfectly insane creative decision for a Deadpool comic, and even better yet, the book’s editor Jordan D. White WROTE AND PERFORMED ALL THE DAMN MUSIC. In real life. And you can listen to it right now, for free, just by clicking through! Continue reading “A Quick One While He’s Away: Listen to Deadpool the Musical!”

Prose and Cons: Do Marvel Novels Defeat the Point of Comics?


Newsarama reported just a few short days ago that Marvel will begin a series of prose novels (like, real books with words!) starting with an adaptation of Civil War. Keep reading to find out: Are prose versions of Marvel comics a good idea? What kind of readers are these books for? Has there ever, in the history of human civilization, been an example of a person advancing their love for the Marvel universe through books without pictures? Is that person writing the post you’re reading? And is he really as handsome as he seems?

Continue reading “Prose and Cons: Do Marvel Novels Defeat the Point of Comics?”